Hong Kong | Yuet Tung China Works – Souvenirs that Last

We all know the debacle of trying to find that perfect souvenir that will embody all those beautiful memories we associate with a certain trip without buying another fun hat, plastic statue or magnet for the fridge. So for my recent trip to Hong Kong, I thought it would be an excellent idea to visit one of the city´s last hand-painted ceramics stores. And guess what? I returned with more than one piece … Continue reading

Munich | Art & Antiques 2017

We all love museums. But isn´t it sometimes frustrating that all that you can take home with you  from the visit is either an overpriced picture postcard or simply your memories? Well, at the Kunst & Antiquitätenmesse (Art & Antiques) in Munich you can not only marvel at extraordinary contemporary and antique art and furnitures, you can actually do take it home. If you wanted to. Continue reading

Athens | Sightseeing for First-Timers

The Greek capital presents itself at first sight just as you would imagine it to be: Loud, hectic, dusty, chaotic and overcrowded. But don´t worry, the megalopolis has a few spots in store to show you the other side of Athens: Authentic, easy-going and colorful. Continue reading

Udaipur | Favourite spots

With only two nights altogether and one full day for sightseeing, one could mark that this short trip to Udaipur may have been way too short to get a decent impression of what beautiful sights await travelers in this gorgeous Rajasthani lakeside city. But on the other hand, if you don´t go, you won´t see, right? And travel is not always about length! I measure it in intensiveness. And that it was. So find out some of my personal recommendations that I was able to collect during my visit a few weeks ago that may be interesting and helpful for your visit to beautiful Udaipur. Continue reading

Riyadh | The real Magic Kingdom in 3 Hours

Having won a quick one-nighter in Saudi Arabia´s capital out of standby a few weeks ago at first may not sound too exciting for any flight attendant (particularly the female ones), but apart from being a male, Riyadh holds so many exciting sites and places to see and visit, that in my eyes it is quite a tragedy that Western tourism is limited to work visas only. Continue reading

Nafplio | The Forgotten Capital

Walking the narrow streets and cute little back alleys of this Peloponnesian seaside jewel, it is almost hard to believe that Nafplio (or Nauplia) used to be the capital of the First Hellenic Republic and the Kingdom of Greece.

Yet the ruins of Palamidi Castle towering high above and the remains of the Fortifications of Acronauplia reveal a little bit of the importance that this town used to inherit hundreds and hundreds of years ago. Continue reading