Queen Mary 2 | Channel Crossing done Majestically

First of all, I would like to apologize that it has been quite quiet here on HideousJourneys lately. But believe it or not, a traveler like me needs some vacation time as well. Back home, I am ready to share some of my latest travel adventures with you. And they all have to do with cruising again, finally. But before we are setting sail for the Caribbean, let me give you insight in one of my favorite mini cruises there is: The crossing from Hamburg to Southampton (or vice versa) on a Cunard Queen. Continue reading

Celebrity Reflection | 7 Days Western Caribbean – Georgetown, Cayman Islands

The next day, we made halt on Grand Cayman Island.

It is the largest of the three Cayman Islands with Georgetown being the capital. Approximately 54,000 people live on the Cayman Islands altogether with the majority inhabiting Grand Cayman. Hurricane Ivan rolled by the islands in 2004 with winds up to 290km/h, destroying over 80 percent of the islands buildings and infrastructures. Many people died during this massive tropical storm. Today, Grand Cayman is back to normal.

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Milos | Aphrodite´s darling

This little beauty lies around six to seven hours by ferry from Athens (Piraeus) and belongs to the Cyclades islands in the Southern Aegean region. I was actually an alternate port to our scheduled visit to Mykonos with Windstar Cruises´ “Wind Star”, where strong winds can make anchoring for smaller ships from time to time impossible. Luckily, we had visited the Greek hotspot already in May during a different cruise and even though we did enjoy the picturesque alleys of Mykonos Town a lot at that time, it was a more than welcome alternative! Continue reading

Port Transfer | Piraeus (Athens)

While it sometimes might be the most comfortable and convenient way to reach your ship by cruise line transfer, this little extra can add up to quite an amount to your onboard bill (depending on the cruise line and the distance to/from the airport). Sure, your luggage will be delivered automatically to your stateroom upon arrival at the pier, the buses are air-conditioned and comfortable and you don´t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic and therefore possibly missing the ship, but everyone has to decide for him/herself wherever the additional 50 to 80 USD pp are worth spending.

For me, the 59 USD pp (Windstar Cruises) transfer from Athens airport to Piraeus one-way were not making up for all the convenience, considering that you can buy a bottle of Jacquart champagne for 48 USD (plus 15% surcharge) onboard. But like I said, this is where everyone sets his/her own priorities. Continue reading