Princess Cruises | Royal Princess Ship Tour

Ship visits are a great way to experience a certain product at first hand to see wherever the vessel suits the personal preferences or not. And what city could be more perfect to explore Princess Cruises´ luxurious Royal Princess than the romantic Venice in Italy? Admittedly, I could have thought of more inviting weather conditions, but on the other hand just the typical winter day here in Venezia. Welcome aboard! Continue reading

MSY Wind Star | Gastronomical Gorgeousness – a Tribute

IMG_2336Travel is not only about going places, it is at least as much about tasting the local food that is offered there. It is a major ingredient to a quality experience and a to a unique and lasting memory. Cruise lines have been catering more and more to the needs of their sophisticated passengers over the last couple of years by introducing different speciality dining venues onboard their vessels, teaming up with celebrity star chefs or simply revolutionizing their menus in terms of freshness, uniqueness and local touches.

I love to eat when I travel! And it contributes so much to my travel experience when on the road, that if I didn´t work out as much as I do, I probably would have to add at least half of my girth to my present look. If that´s enough. Continue reading

Vancouver | Fish & Ships

Being a typical summer and winter destination, Vancouver in British Columbia attracts every year millions and millions of visitors from around the world. Skiing, Hiking, Camping, Trekking, Cruising, Flying, whatever you are looking to do on Canada´s Pacific Coast, you can do it right here. Not to forget the jaw dropping Nature just behind the city´s limits with endless valleys, crystal clear mountain lakes surrounded by snow-capped mountains and the extraordinary wildlife. Continue reading

Grand Turk | A Day in Paradise

After being glued to home for over 10 days now due to a sinus infection and therefore being completely stuck with the offshoots of winter here in Germany, I thought it would be a colorful #MondayMotivation to let my mind wander off to beautiful Grand Turk, main island of the Turks and Caicos Islands and home to the capital Cockburn Town. Continue reading

Dreaming of distant shores? | Come back new in 2016/17 with Princess Cruises

Grand Princess in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Grand Princess in Vancouver, British Columbia.

It is that time of year again. Summer has finally faded and while stores already stock their christmas decorations and holiday candies, it is our mind (at least mine) that has not yet quite understood completely that the golden season of the year is eventually over. Yes, over! No more mild summer nights. No more Tee´s, shorts and flip-flops. No more Mediterranean ease. No more country side picnics.

Instead, we will have to start our days again trying to figure out how many layers will protect us from the wind, the rain and the cold. I don´t know how you think about this, but the upcoming six months impersonate to me the most miserable time of the year. So if I could re-do the seasons, I would definitely exile every shade of grey from the skies and put a lock on the temperature scale not running lower than 25 degrees Celsius. Continue reading

Short Cruises 2015 | Cross-country done differently

Norwegian Sun leaving the port of Vancouver.
Norwegian Sun leaving the port of Vancouver. © by #tamme wichmann photography

Just imagine the following:

You have been on a road or caravan trip for a few days or for weeks and have explored the beautiful landscapes of the territory that you have visited. Mountains, lakes, woods, wildlife, sunsets and sunrises. You´ve witnessed it all. And openly, there is almost no better way to experience the exceptional variety and beauty that the Northwestern states of the Americas have to offer, than by caravan or camping. Continue reading