Mexico City | A little bit of History repeating – National Museum of Anthropology

Mexico is one of these colorful countries that bursts in history wherever you lay foot on. A visit to the impressive Museo Nacional de Antropología, nestled beautifully into the green lung of the city, Chapultepec Park, is a wonderful way to explore the country´s rich heritage presented in world-class architecture. And the best, admission is completely free on weekends! Continue reading

Mexico City | Eight Terrific Interiors that You Must See

I had my first flight ever 19 years ago to Mexico City and I have never gotten anywhere close to getting tired of discovering all the hidden gems that this wonderful city has to offer. This time, I was on the hunt for extraordinary interiors. And boy did I find some… Continue reading

Mexico City | El Balcón del Zócalo

Just around the corner of the majestic Catedral Metropolitana, on top of the Zócalo Central Hotel, lies the chic and trendy Balcón del Zócalo restaurant and rooftop bar with splendid vistas onto the church and the Plaza de la Constitutión. Continue reading

Mexico City | My Top Breakfast Spots

Letzter Import – 075
Polanco features many excellent restaurants

Like shortly mentioned in my previous blog post, Mexico City´s gastro scene is so much more than breakfast tortillas and quesadillas. In this post, I will let the pictures speak for themselves rather than getting too much into written detail.


Because we all know: When it comes to food, it is all about the personal taste!

Today, I would like to introduce you to two of my favourite hot spots for breakfast in the neighbourhood Polanco. I like places that have their own personal style, that are authentic and offer good quality at reasonable prices. And that always have a large number of locals frequenting. And here we go! Continue reading

Mexico City | Magic Mondays on the Markets

Letzter Import – 005It´s kind of weird, but originally I would have been right now on Hurtigruten´s  oldest ship, the MS Lofoten, sailing up the Norwegian coast to Kirkenes and back to Bergen, but the voyage that I have been waiting for over half a year was cancelled a day before departure due to an unexpected mechanical failure of the ship´s engine.

Bad luck? I would say so! Anyways. I guess it could have been worse. Like the failure happening on the second day of the cruise.

But like sometimes in life, in the end this misfortune would lead to something even better: Like a Mediterranean cruise together with my beloved partner and spare time to finally sit down and write about my 3-days Mexican adventure! Continue reading