Iceland | From Geysers and Tectonic Plates

Before it was time to fly back home, I took part in one last full-day excursion out of Iceland´s capital towards the geysers of Bláskógabyggð, about 1 1/2 hours west of Reykjavik. The forecasted storm was not as heavy at we had expected it to be, but it brought tons and tons of rain and heavy winds with it. And if you had not seen a geyser in real life like me before, there was nothing more exhilarating than seeing it blow while being soaked from the rain.  Continue reading

Iceland | Reykjavík – The Colorful Capital

It had rained continuously through the entire morning since our departure from Grundafjördur last night. As mentioned before, the captain had decided to dock the ship in downtown Reykjavík, where we would be a bit less exposed to the strong winds that were forecasted for the next couple of days and heavy thunderstorms that were expected to hit Iceland after falling on land from the Atlantic Ocean. Continue reading

Iceland | Grundarfjörður – Gateway to the Center of the Earth

After having left Isafjördur the night before, the night at sea had been a little rougher then during the other nights. One of the reasons may have been, that we had reached the Western shores of Iceland and therefore were more exposed to the changing weather conditions. Strong winds and lows that had formed over the Atlantic Ocean had nothing better to do than hitting the West coast without mercy. Continue reading

Iceland | Ísafjörður – The Fjord of Ice

Still being completely out-of-order after the extremely tiring excursion to all these wonderful places around Akureyri, it was almost unfair towards Isafjordur that my body was screaming for a little rest. And so my adventurousness was limited to a stroll through the picturesque harbor village and along the fjord´s shore. Continue reading

Iceland | Akureyri – Gateway to the Wonders of the North

The morning we arrived into Akureyri forecasted that a long day would lie ahead of us. Still being exhausted by the hike up to Hengifoss waterfall the day before in Seydisfjordur (read about it here), this time even more breathtaking sights were awaiting me. But the excitement had its price: 10 hours in a coach. For someone energetic as me a huge challenge. But in the end, it proved being well worth the wait. Continue reading

Iceland | Seyðisfjörður – Where Iceland began

Whenever I get asked what my favorite destination worldwide would be, I frequently answer with Iceland. Being generally more of an introverted nature person, the land of snow and ice all the way in the North captured me from the moment that I first laid foot on it a few years ago. Continue reading

Dreaming of distant shores? | Come back new in 2016/17 with Princess Cruises

Grand Princess in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Grand Princess in Vancouver, British Columbia.

It is that time of year again. Summer has finally faded and while stores already stock their christmas decorations and holiday candies, it is our mind (at least mine) that has not yet quite understood completely that the golden season of the year is eventually over. Yes, over! No more mild summer nights. No more Tee´s, shorts and flip-flops. No more Mediterranean ease. No more country side picnics.

Instead, we will have to start our days again trying to figure out how many layers will protect us from the wind, the rain and the cold. I don´t know how you think about this, but the upcoming six months impersonate to me the most miserable time of the year. So if I could re-do the seasons, I would definitely exile every shade of grey from the skies and put a lock on the temperature scale not running lower than 25 degrees Celsius. Continue reading