Singapore Travel Guide | My 21 Favorite Sightseeing Recommendations

Being one of the world´s most popular Tourist destinations, after over eight years of absence, Singapore proved once again to be a shiny star amongst the Asian mega cities. Perfectly tidy, reaching for the sky and ever-changing as always. A great city for food, arts and culture, Singapore convinced me as a fantastic place of superlatives to be explored by foot, yet (and some of you might disagree with this) as modern and open as it positions itself, I was missing a bit of identity within the conglomeration of cultures.  Apart from that, definitely a must see on your bucket list for future travels! Check out some of my personal favorites to discover while being out and about in the Lion City… Continue reading

Calgary | Birthday in Banff National Park

When it comes to breathtaking nature and wilderness, Canada is one of the most recommendable destinations worldwide. Wildlife, adventure and the endless Great Wide Open provide a holiday experience that you will remember your lifetime! So just the perfect surroundings for a family birthday celebration… Continue reading

Chicago | Winter Beauty in the Windy City

It´s crazy. During winter time, Chicago is one of the coldest and most hostile cities to walk the streets in the world. Yet the ice-cold season holds so many merry moments to capture with the camera, that from a photographer´s perspective I can only praise the Windy City as photogenic in every type of weather (and at any time of day). But it is not only the rough outdoors that will cast their spell on you while the winter sun slowly sets upon Lake Michigan, it is also the fact that those frosty temperatures force you to stop and heat up in regular intervals inside any building that comes handy. And this is where you suddenly discover all those hidden gems that you normally would pass by.

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Celebrity Reflection | 7 Days Western Caribbean – Georgetown, Cayman Islands

The next day, we made halt on Grand Cayman Island.

It is the largest of the three Cayman Islands with Georgetown being the capital. Approximately 54,000 people live on the Cayman Islands altogether with the majority inhabiting Grand Cayman. Hurricane Ivan rolled by the islands in 2004 with winds up to 290km/h, destroying over 80 percent of the islands buildings and infrastructures. Many people died during this massive tropical storm. Today, Grand Cayman is back to normal.

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