Sweden | Seven Fun Things to do in Gothenburg

Sweden´s second largest city located at the Western shoreline of the country is a popular cruise and holiday destination in the South of Sweden. Get to know six fun things to explore when visiting for a few days or only for a few hours. Continue reading

Garmisch-Partenkirchen | Weisswurst Breakfast with a View (until September 2018)

One mandatory tradition that everyone has to go through when visiting Bavaria is the custom Weisswurst breakfast. A long-time Bavarian habit that is still kept indispensable in modern times and which is part of the typical laid-back Bavarian culture. And where could this be more exciting and relaxing than in a cable car gondola on the way up the mountain? Continue reading

Munich | Südfriedhof – A Silent Witness of History

Munich is a fab place to visit and to discover and I feel absolutely blessed to live in Germany´s most beautiful city. Wherever you are coming for a weekend trip or longer, there is so much culture and lifestyle awaiting to be explored, that two days are far too less if you are aiming to see it all. Like many more recommendations listed in my Munich section, today, I would like to introduce you to one of my personal favorites: Südfriedhof. Continue reading

Duesseldorf | Urdenbacher Kaempe – Nature Reserve in the South

With the last six months being physically and mentally a complete up and down and me commuting back and forth between Munich and Duesseldorf in between flights, it was no wonder that my mind and body were both running on low energy levels. Experiencing your father slowly fading away takes up all the strength of the most powerful person, this I can assure you. So thank god, Nature was not too far away to refuel and let my thoughts wander freely… Continue reading

Munich | A City Tour on Tracks – 1913 Style

Having still been infected by the train virus from our recent overnight rail ride to Budapest, it was pure luck that my partner stumbled over this extraordinary one hour excursion just this Easter Monday here in Munich. The Bavarian Localbahn Society, which I honestly had never heard of before, offered a round-trip around the city on tracks which are normally used for cargo transportation. But the speciality: Aboard an ancient train which dates back to 1913. No question that we were in for this short-term adventure. Continue reading

Iceland | From Geysers and Tectonic Plates

Before it was time to fly back home, I took part in one last full-day excursion out of Iceland´s capital towards the geysers of Bláskógabyggð, about 1 1/2 hours west of Reykjavik. The forecasted storm was not as heavy at we had expected it to be, but it brought tons and tons of rain and heavy winds with it. And if you had not seen a geyser in real life like me before, there was nothing more exhilarating than seeing it blow while being soaked from the rain.  Continue reading

Iceland | Akureyri – Gateway to the Wonders of the North

The morning we arrived into Akureyri forecasted that a long day would lie ahead of us. Still being exhausted by the hike up to Hengifoss waterfall the day before in Seydisfjordur (read about it here), this time even more breathtaking sights were awaiting me. But the excitement had its price: 10 hours in a coach. For someone energetic as me a huge challenge. But in the end, it proved being well worth the wait. Continue reading

Iceland | Seyðisfjörður – Where Iceland began

Whenever I get asked what my favorite destination worldwide would be, I frequently answer with Iceland. Being generally more of an introverted nature person, the land of snow and ice all the way in the North captured me from the moment that I first laid foot on it a few years ago. Continue reading

Toulouse | A Bike Trip along Canal de Midi

It has already been a few weeks, but I really did not want you to miss out on this highly worthwhile Nature excursion down the beautiful canal to the South. Having been completely exhausted from a five days early bird rotation and being completely wrongly dressed on this rather windy and rainy afternoon, it was our First Officer who had proposed this little exercise trip through the romantic UNESCO World Heritage Site landscape. Continue reading