Lufthansa | A350 – Blue Bird Style

Being part of the exclusive A380-Group at my homebase Munich, it took just about two full years until I finally received my training in December 2018 on our beautiful A350 Thunderbird. The first plane, call sign D-AIXA, was delivered in December 2016 and began full operation on our Delhi route in February 2017. Until today, 12 A350´s are already in service with two more (D-AIXM and D-AIXN) joining the fleet end of March, respectively June 2019. The, for the time being, last jetliner (D-AIXO) is expected for November 2019. Completing the original order of 15 XWB-aircrafts.
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Travel Trends | Crystal Cabin Awards 2018

Air travel is in a constant change. The competition above the clouds has never been more intense than in this century. Check out the hottest of the latest innovations and visions for current and future inflight experiences showcased at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg in April. All of them wooing for the prestigious Crystal Cabin Award 2018. Continue reading

Air China A330-300 Economy Class | Munich – Athens

Admittedly, when I was planning our flights to Athens for our cruise through the Greek Islands, Air China was definitely the last airline I had in mind. Not because I had any security or safety concerns, but because I was simply not aware of the fact that the Asian carrier was flying on this route at all.

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Not enough cash for premium cabins? How about Premium Economy?

The fight for high revenue passengers within the airline industry is swelling for ages now. While for a long time airlines were facing a significant decrease in numbers of paying premium travelers in the highly lucrative business travel market, today airlines show off new cabin innovations, that appeal more and more to a demanding yet very price-concious clientel.

Best example is Germany´s Lufthansa. The carrier completed the implementation of a fourth class of service aboard its intercontinental  fleet of Boeing B747-8s and B747-400s, Airbus A380s, A330s and A340s a year ago: the Premium Economy Class.  At the same time, the airline, that flew for centuries one of the largest Business cabins in the industry, has started to scale down the numbers of its luxury seats on board. Some touristic destinations, like Tampa or Panama City, are even serviced without offering a First Class product. More and more people want to travel in style, but are not willing to pay the full fare.

And the trend is running high.

Today´s air travelers are spoiled. Because there is tons of choice on the market with no money to waste. And coach is not like coach, that we all know! But since not everyone has the cash to sit up front on every flight (I know, I don´t), why not considering sitting in-between? When it comes to air travel, no one likes to have a middle seat, right? And the airlines are reacting: Four-class intercontinental service is on the climb.

Attention though: Not every “upgraded” Economy Class promises real advantages in opposition to the basic product. Some airlines charge extra for just a little bit of more legroom, while others offer an entirely upgraded seat, enhanced free baggage allowances and other complimentary services on the ground, as well as inflight.

So before you book, it is recommendable to check what you can expect onboard and if you are willing to pay extra money for it.

I have put together a list of airlines that fly Premium Economy Class as a class of its own. Better seats, better service, better extras. Those airlines, that only offer extra legroom while the rest of the product remains the same, have been left out. Just click on the desired name and you will be automatically redirected to all the information that you may require: Who flies what and where, and most importantly, what is in stock for you!

In my opinion, a fantastic way to compromise between comfort and budget on international flights. I can do without champagne for 12 hours, but the luxury of space and luggage-freedom become more and more indispensible for me when I hit the road. No-frills may be cool for domestic, long distance definitely calls for a little more though. Because we are worth it…