B.S. Taqueria – A Mexican Jewel in Downtown L.A.

Making your way into downtown L.A. and craving for some delicious Mexican cuisine? Then check into B.S. Taqueria, L.A. native chef Ray Garcia´s playground. Continue reading

One Night in Budapest | The Perfect Guide for an Overnight Stay

Mondays are truly awful for celebrating birthdays. Especially, when you actually have a romantic weekend planned and there is no chance to extend the stay over Sunday. But when two nights is all you have, there still is a chance of making the best out of it. Join me on this fast-forward weekend escape to beautiful Budapest and learn how 24 hours can sometimes be enough for a perfect stay. Continue reading

Kalymnos | A Dodecanesian Getaway

img_2501Looking outside the window and seeing it rain throughout the entire day admittedly gives me a bad mood. Fall can be so beautiful and yes, rain is important for our planet, but it makes me just want to pack my suitcase and flee away from all this wet and grey nightmare outside. Considering the time of year and looking at possible sun blessed destinations in close reach from home, September would actually be the perfect time to pay visit back to Greece. So here I am on my couch, outside rain pouring with my mind wandering off to the beautiful island of Kalymnos that we visited in July during our Mediterranean cruise aboard MSY Wind Star. Continue reading

MSY Wind Star | Gastronomical Gorgeousness – a Tribute

IMG_2336Travel is not only about going places, it is at least as much about tasting the local food that is offered there. It is a major ingredient to a quality experience and a to a unique and lasting memory. Cruise lines have been catering more and more to the needs of their sophisticated passengers over the last couple of years by introducing different speciality dining venues onboard their vessels, teaming up with celebrity star chefs or simply revolutionizing their menus in terms of freshness, uniqueness and local touches.

I love to eat when I travel! And it contributes so much to my travel experience when on the road, that if I didn´t work out as much as I do, I probably would have to add at least half of my girth to my present look. If that´s enough. Continue reading

Midsommar in Sweden | A Midsummer Night´s Dream

Everyone knows that Swedes like to have a good time. Anytime and anywhere. And they don´t necessarily need a reason to celebrate. But when it comes to Midsommar festivities, things really get serious.

But what exactly is Midsommar? Continue reading