Queen Mary 2 | Channel Crossing done Majestically

First of all, I would like to apologize that it has been quite quiet here on HideousJourneys lately. But believe it or not, a traveler like me needs some vacation time as well. Back home, I am ready to share some of my latest travel adventures with you. And they all have to do with cruising again, finally. But before we are setting sail for the Caribbean, let me give you insight in one of my favorite mini cruises there is: The crossing from Hamburg to Southampton (or vice versa) on a Cunard Queen. Continue reading

BMI Regional ERJ145 Economy Class | Southampton – Munich

Like mentioned in a blog post from early 2016, Lufthansa had introduced services from Southampton to its hub Munich in March 2016 operated by its codeshare partner BMI Regional. Having just recently completed a channel crossing from Hamburg with the mighty Queen Mary 2, it was just the perfect occasion to try this air link by myself, turning out to be a comfortable and time-saving alternative to the permanently overcrowded London Heathrow airport. Continue reading

Budget Travel | From Munich to Prague – Overland Bus versus Airline

Traveling in Europe is these days almost as easy as one-two-three. There are so many budget options to choose from to get from A to B, wherever it is the train, the ferry, the plane, by car or the latest trend in low-cost travel, the overland buses. Since I had already tried budget airlines like Indigo or SpiceJet when in India, Germany and Europe have remained untouched ground so far. Working for an airline myself, flying has more or less always been some sort of budget travel for me. But for my weekend trip to Prague, I wanted to try something different. Continue reading

Tokyo | A Daytrip to Hakone – Mount Fuji

Seeing Mount Fuji for once in real life was a long-kept dream of mine. I have traveled to Japan many times in the last 18 years, but yet I had not managed to pay visit to the one if not the most symbolic landmark that the “Land of the Rising Sun” has to offer. Having it seen in magazines and on television uncountable times, I can tell you it is such a difference when you stand eye to an eye with this majestic beauty! So when I had the chance to take a flight with two full days off in Tokyo, guess what I aimed for? Continue reading

Celebrity Reflection | 7 Days Western Caribbean – Georgetown, Cayman Islands

The next day, we made halt on Grand Cayman Island.

It is the largest of the three Cayman Islands with Georgetown being the capital. Approximately 54,000 people live on the Cayman Islands altogether with the majority inhabiting Grand Cayman. Hurricane Ivan rolled by the islands in 2004 with winds up to 290km/h, destroying over 80 percent of the islands buildings and infrastructures. Many people died during this massive tropical storm. Today, Grand Cayman is back to normal.

Continue reading

Milos | Aphrodite´s darling

This little beauty lies around six to seven hours by ferry from Athens (Piraeus) and belongs to the Cyclades islands in the Southern Aegean region. I was actually an alternate port to our scheduled visit to Mykonos with Windstar Cruises´ “Wind Star”, where strong winds can make anchoring for smaller ships from time to time impossible. Luckily, we had visited the Greek hotspot already in May during a different cruise and even though we did enjoy the picturesque alleys of Mykonos Town a lot at that time, it was a more than welcome alternative! Continue reading