Garmisch-Partenkirchen | Weisswurst Breakfast with a View (until September 2018)

One mandatory tradition that everyone has to go through when visiting Bavaria is the custom Weisswurst breakfast. A long-time Bavarian habit that is still kept indispensable in modern times and which is part of the typical laid-back Bavarian culture. And where could this be more exciting and relaxing than in a cable car gondola on the way up the mountain? Continue reading

Cape Town | Cafè Paradiso – A Breakfast Beautiful

Thanx to my dear co-worker Alex, I got to know a little jewel for all you breakfast lovers in the beautiful Garden neighborhood of Cape Town, just a few minutes by taxi or Uber from the CBD. Cafè Paradiso combines a picturesque location with gorgeous views of the Table mountain with an intimate restaurant experience and service straight from the heart. Continue reading

Los Angeles | Catalina Coffee & Cafe

Its alternative yet homely living room atmosphere just a block off the Redondo Beach Pier will be a big missed favorite breakfast spot of mine after our hotel relocation to downtown Los Angeles in just a week. Continue reading

Chicago | Cindy´s Rooftop Bar & Restaurant

As if the entrance to the most beautiful Chicago Athletic Association Hotel wasn´t hidden already pretty well enough, its best kept secret, the rooftop bar and restaurant Cindy´s, sure is for the majority of people rushing by this lunch and dinner hotspot. Continue reading

Washington DC | Oyamel Cocina Mexicana

What´s the best place to quench your hunger after a long sightseeing walk and a visit to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in D.C.? Well, it surely is no burger joint or any of the cheap fast food chains. We´re looking here for something substantial with fresh ingredients, delicious taste and an appealing location. And all this at great prices. Curious? Continue reading

MSY Wind Star | Gastronomical Gorgeousness – a Tribute

IMG_2336Travel is not only about going places, it is at least as much about tasting the local food that is offered there. It is a major ingredient to a quality experience and a to a unique and lasting memory. Cruise lines have been catering more and more to the needs of their sophisticated passengers over the last couple of years by introducing different speciality dining venues onboard their vessels, teaming up with celebrity star chefs or simply revolutionizing their menus in terms of freshness, uniqueness and local touches.

I love to eat when I travel! And it contributes so much to my travel experience when on the road, that if I didn´t work out as much as I do, I probably would have to add at least half of my girth to my present look. If that´s enough. Continue reading

Mexico City | My Top Breakfast Spots

Letzter Import – 075
Polanco features many excellent restaurants

Like shortly mentioned in my previous blog post, Mexico City´s gastro scene is so much more than breakfast tortillas and quesadillas. In this post, I will let the pictures speak for themselves rather than getting too much into written detail.


Because we all know: When it comes to food, it is all about the personal taste!

Today, I would like to introduce you to two of my favourite hot spots for breakfast in the neighbourhood Polanco. I like places that have their own personal style, that are authentic and offer good quality at reasonable prices. And that always have a large number of locals frequenting. And here we go! Continue reading