Sea Cloud Cruises | MSY Sea Cloud 2 Ship Tour

She is one of the most legendary and luxurious sailing yachts in the world. And by far, MSY Sea Cloud 2 makes your jaws drop wherever this magnificent beauty appears. Even if not carrying full sails, her sleek and elegant appearance is an eye-catcher in any port. And once you will know what is waiting inside, you will understand that fairy-tale wishes do come true when sailing the seven seas. Continue reading

Iceland | Grundarfjörður – Gateway to the Center of the Earth

After having left Isafjördur the night before, the night at sea had been a little rougher then during the other nights. One of the reasons may have been, that we had reached the Western shores of Iceland and therefore were more exposed to the changing weather conditions. Strong winds and lows that had formed over the Atlantic Ocean had nothing better to do than hitting the West coast without mercy. Continue reading

Calgary | Birthday in Banff National Park

When it comes to breathtaking nature and wilderness, Canada is one of the most recommendable destinations worldwide. Wildlife, adventure and the endless Great Wide Open provide a holiday experience that you will remember your lifetime! So just the perfect surroundings for a family birthday celebration… Continue reading

Hong Kong | Building Porn, Ghosts & Hong Kong History

Being hot and humid during Typhoon season, I was looking for a mixture of out- and indoor activities during my latest trip to Asia´s world city. And found myself searching for the coolest Chinese cemetery, one of the most photographed buildings in the whole world and a trip back in time through Hong Kong´s varied history. Continue reading

Koningsdam | 10 Days Southern Caribbean – Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos

Grand Turk is the largest of the Turks Islands and  well-known for shopping bargains, world-class diving and Eco adventures. Continue reading

Good Bye, Dubai | A last Layover

I know that a lot of you are anxiously waiting for the next post about my #CruiselikeaNorwegian cruise to the Norwegian Fjords, and promise, I AM working on it! But these days seem to bring a lot of “Lasts” and changes with them (like hotels I used to stay at for years and familiar destinations that are being discontinued), so I thought it would be more than adequate to post a rightful farewell to these joyful moments that I have stayed in those places.


Like Dubai. It was actually luck that brought me there a last time before services from my home base Munich would be discontinued starting April 4, 2016 for an unknown period of time. I won the rotation from my reserve pattern that we do every third month or so, and the best: I got to fly into Dubai as a passenger! Continue reading

Norwegian´s Norway | In Seven Days through Europe´s Alaska onboard Norwegian Star – Geiranger

IMG_5468Since I can recall I have been dreaming of visiting Geirangerfjord on a ship. Having seen endless documentaries about it and countless photos in cruise and travel magazines, it was more than time to finally experience the magic of it myself.

The small town of Geiranger, where the ships are moored at, is the Fjord´s beating heart and lies right at the end of Geirangerfjord. During the four-month peak season of summer, 140 to 180 cruise ships visit here, bringing up to 300,000 tourists to town. On some days, Geiranger welcomes up to six large vessels at the same time! That means, that the 250 permanent residents are confronted with up to 18,000 visitors at once. That actually sounds a little scary, doesn´t it? Continue reading

Dreaming of distant shores? | Come back new in 2016/17 with Princess Cruises

Grand Princess in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Grand Princess in Vancouver, British Columbia.

It is that time of year again. Summer has finally faded and while stores already stock their christmas decorations and holiday candies, it is our mind (at least mine) that has not yet quite understood completely that the golden season of the year is eventually over. Yes, over! No more mild summer nights. No more Tee´s, shorts and flip-flops. No more Mediterranean ease. No more country side picnics.

Instead, we will have to start our days again trying to figure out how many layers will protect us from the wind, the rain and the cold. I don´t know how you think about this, but the upcoming six months impersonate to me the most miserable time of the year. So if I could re-do the seasons, I would definitely exile every shade of grey from the skies and put a lock on the temperature scale not running lower than 25 degrees Celsius. Continue reading

Short Cruises 2015 | Cross-country done differently

Norwegian Sun leaving the port of Vancouver.
Norwegian Sun leaving the port of Vancouver. © by #tamme wichmann photography

Just imagine the following:

You have been on a road or caravan trip for a few days or for weeks and have explored the beautiful landscapes of the territory that you have visited. Mountains, lakes, woods, wildlife, sunsets and sunrises. You´ve witnessed it all. And openly, there is almost no better way to experience the exceptional variety and beauty that the Northwestern states of the Americas have to offer, than by caravan or camping. Continue reading