MSC Seaview | Italian Grandezza in XXL

With a capacity of 5,300 passengers she is currently one of the biggest cruise ships afloat. And while being designed for the European mass cruise market, sailing onboard MSC Seaview proved to be quite a pleasant experience as we found out during our latest Mediterranean cruise in November 2018. Let me show you around … Continue reading

Monaco | A Principality in Fast Forward

Would you say that it was crazy to fly down to the French Riviera for only one night? Maybe, maybe not. But apart from all the hassle, those 24 hours on the sunny side of life were just the beautiful kick that I was longing for on this mini weekend retreat in Monaco. Continue reading

Costa Pacifica | Western Mediterranean – Cagliari (Sardinia), Italy

There were quite some things that I could recall of Sardinia when I last visited the island with my parents about three decades ago as a child. The beautiful turquoise sea, for example, the rocky silhouette of the Northern shoreline or the elegant fisher villages like Santa Teresa Gallura or Porto Cervo. I remembered the brisk ocean breeze that even on sunny days made you hold your hat while wandering the beautiful island and the extremely friendly local people who made you feel welcome straight from the beginning.

Continue reading

Costa Pacifica | Western Mediterranean – Valencia, Spain

The first stop during my four nights mini cruise was the beautiful city of Valencia in Spain. It is the third largest city in the country and the capital of the autonomous community of Valencia. Founded as a Roman colony in 138 BC, Valencia is these days the fifth busiest container port in whole Europe and attracts millions and millions of visitors every year. It is famous for its rich and diverse architectural styles such as the gorgeous historic downtown area (UNESCO World Heritage Site) or the futuristic City of Art and Sciences (which was the set for a Star Trek movie). Or maybe you have heard of the annual Tomato fight called La Tomatina which is held in the close town of Bunol? Continue reading

Costa Pacifica | Western Mediterranean – Day 1: Barcelona

Day 1: Boarding Costa Pacifica

If you asked me if I would take a Costa mini cruise in May in the Mediterranean, I would say: Hell yeah! Surely it is not a cruise in the style of Silversea, Windstar or Oceania, but having done over 41 cruises in total so far, I would almost go on any cruise and on any ship when I have the chance. Because in the end, they all float. Some a little more luxuriously and some in disco style, yet the feeling to be close to the ocean remains the same. Continue reading