Washington DC | Summer Sightseeing

When you travel to D.C. during the summer months, prepare to go naked! Of course, I am just kidding, but temperatures and humidity are so high at this time, that it almost feels like walking around in a sauna.

This is why I always carry a light second outfit  with me when touring one of my favourite US destinations.

It is also the time of year that the capital experiences a vast amount of heavy thunderstorms in the afternoons or evenings! It´s not a bad idea to always carry an umbrella with you, no matter what the day looks like!

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Washington DC | Oyamel Cocina Mexicana

What´s the best place to quench your hunger after a long sightseeing walk and a visit to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in D.C.? Well, it surely is no burger joint or any of the cheap fast food chains. We´re looking here for something substantial with fresh ingredients, delicious taste and an appealing location. And all this at great prices. Curious? Continue reading

Good Bye, Dubai | A last Layover

I know that a lot of you are anxiously waiting for the next post about my #CruiselikeaNorwegian cruise to the Norwegian Fjords, and promise, I AM working on it! But these days seem to bring a lot of “Lasts” and changes with them (like hotels I used to stay at for years and familiar destinations that are being discontinued), so I thought it would be more than adequate to post a rightful farewell to these joyful moments that I have stayed in those places.


Like Dubai. It was actually luck that brought me there a last time before services from my home base Munich would be discontinued starting April 4, 2016 for an unknown period of time. I won the rotation from my reserve pattern that we do every third month or so, and the best: I got to fly into Dubai as a passenger! Continue reading

The Mayflower | Washington D.C.

IMG_6532It will be my last stay at one of my most favourite hotels in the US when layovering with work, so reason enough to introduce to you one of Washington´s most authentic and tastefully redecorated Grand Ladies of luxury hotels in the nation´s capital.

The Mayflower belongs to Marriott´s “Autograph Collection” and was opened in 1925. Since then, it can look back over decades of historical events. The guest lists reads like an all-time brand name get together: Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Harry Truman, Bill Clinton, etc. Continue reading

Washington DC | “Sight Walk” – Two Hours, Top Sights, Staying Fit

Those suitcases have seen a lot. Waiting for the train to the airport at Munich´s Marienplatz

So what do you do when jetlag forces you out of bed at around 4:30 am in a city where civilized life won´t start before 7 am the earliest? Right, having breakfast in bed and some coffee (to at least reach a state of mind, that understands where you are and why you are there).

I always carry my “Survival Kit” with me. Consisting of packets of instant oatmeal, a box of mixed nuts and chia seeds and a large container of instant coffee. This might not be the most gourmet snack that someone dreams of when speaking of breakfast in bed, but these items can (at least currently) be brought into almost every country in this world without fearing troubles with local authorities or violating food restrictions. And since these days almost every hotel room features a coffee maker (or at least a water heater), they can be easily prepared at any time of day. And they deliver energy. Continue reading