Udaipur | Favourite spots

With only two nights altogether and one full day for sightseeing, one could mark that this short trip to Udaipur may have been way too short to get a decent impression of what beautiful sights await travelers in this gorgeous Rajasthani lakeside city. But on the other hand, if you don´t go, you won´t see, right? And travel is not always about length! I measure it in intensiveness. And that it was. So find out some of my personal recommendations that I was able to collect during my visit a few weeks ago that may be interesting and helpful for your visit to beautiful Udaipur. Continue reading

Udaipur | City Palace Photo Tour

One of the most impressive sights that Udaipur has to offer is by far the gigantic complex of the City Palace. This enormous construction has been built in a lapse of over 400 years beginning in 1553 and consists of several palaces that have been added over the centuries to the original building. It lies right at the east bank of Lake Pichola and offers marvelous views over the lake, the city and the surrounding hills. The entire palace was errected in Rajasthani and Mughal architectural styles and is considered to be the largest construction of its kind whithin Rajasthan. The flamboyant styles and luxurious interiors of the complex are literally eye candy and will carry you off onto a journey back in time. Continue reading

IndiGo A320 Economy Class | Delhi – Udaipur – Delhi

Flying within India is probably the most convenient way to get from A to B these days. It surely is the most comfortable one, especially if you are traveling on a tighter budget.

I have been going twice on Indian low-cost airlines within the last two years, and there is only positive feedback I can report to you. Continue reading

Udaipur | Udai Kothi Heritage House

When planning my trip to Udaipur, I was looking for an authentic place to stay. Something luxurious yet down to earth, not one of these finely crafted and splendidly furnished huge luxury temples of big brands. Continue reading