Toronto | Casa Loma Tour

The last weekend in June is something holy to me. We normally spend it with our dear Swedish friends to celebrate their unofficial national holiday Midsommar (Read here about it). But this year, instead of merrily dancing around the maypole, I was awarded with a weekend Toronto rotation that I just could not get rid of. But what do you do when things just not work out the way you have planned? Right, make the best out of it! Continue reading

Toronto | Hokkaido Ramen Santouka – A Lunch Loveable

Fall season is cold season.

It seems like that I have some kind of an Asian food phase, but after my 8 hours 45 minutes flight to Toronto, jetlag and an upcoming cold stick to my bones like a child to its lollypop.

Fall has finally hit home and the days have become grey, cold and wet. The perfect misanthropic environment to suck all energy out of our bones. And one, two, three, you´ll get struck with the most awful cold, a stiff nose and a head that is ready to explode.

Fall season is poison to workers like me who are close with hundreds of people on tiny space while rocketing from A to B in a composite tube with two engines. Being sick ruins not only your schedule (and private plans), it also costs a heck of money when grounded in bed. And this is the least desirable to me. Continue reading

Toronto | 24 Hours – 10 Top Things to do

One of the most extraordinary skylines in the world - Toronto
One of the most extraordinary skylines in the world – Toronto

Of course, Toronto is way too spectacular to only spend there 24 hours, but when that is all you have, you gotta make the most out of it, right?

Yet before I open officially my 10 favourite things to do, let me give you a few interesting (fun) facts about one of the most diversified destinations in the world first. To make you understand, why this metropolis should absolutely be “Bucketlist Baby”. Continue reading