Geneva | A First Glance

One of the most picturesque final approaches in Europe is the one into Geneva airport, which mostly lets you enjoy a wonderful mountain panorama combined with fantastic lake views as the plane smoothly glides towards the runway. Astonishingly, I had never had a layover here in the past 20 years. But that was just about to change.

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Excellence Princess | From Basel to Amsterdam – A Week on the Rhine River

River cruises are supposed to be something for older people. At least, this is what people said on each resort ship cruise that we have taken so far. And it is kind of true, at least when we talk simply about the average age. But remember how in general cruising was poised to be a typical retirement vacation until just a few years ago? And look where it is heading these days. The same will happen with river cruises, I believe.

It was a very spontaneous decision to float on a river instead of the ocean. Most of my vacation was ruined by a severe bronchitis and I needed a little getaway, if only for a week. I needed a cruise preferably in Europe (to avoid long distance flights) and, most importantly, I was trying to keep the single occupancy surcharge as low as possible. Continue reading