Sweden | Seven Fun Things to do in Gothenburg

Sweden´s second largest city located at the Western shoreline of the country is a popular cruise and holiday destination in the South of Sweden. Get to know six fun things to explore when visiting for a few days or only for a few hours. Continue reading

Visby | Gotland´s Jewel

Another European jewel that I got to experience by chance is the gorgeous little medieval town of Visby on the Swedish island called Gotland. Making halt there during a re-positioning cruise from Oslo to Stockholm a few years ago, I instantly fell in love with Scandinavia´s best-preserved historic contemporary witness. Continue reading

Midsommar in Sweden | A Midsummer Night´s Dream

Everyone knows that Swedes like to have a good time. Anytime and anywhere. And they don´t necessarily need a reason to celebrate. But when it comes to Midsommar festivities, things really get serious.

But what exactly is Midsommar? Continue reading