San Francisco | Alamo Square Spring Picnic

Even though it is one of San Francisco´s most frequented Tourist destinations, Alamo Square with its world-famous Victorian mansions is definitely one of my favorite spots to head to on a sunny day. Continue reading

San Francisco | AAM – Asian Art Museum

Another place in San Francisco that is not only a pleasure to visit in terms of Beaux Art architecture is the Asian Art Museum, just across the street from City Hall. Over 2,000 collectibles from all the major cultures of Asia take you on a magical journey through history, lifestyle and arts of each individual heritage. And until 4 February 2018, dive into extraordinary Korean fashion inspiration in the special exhibition “Couture Korea”. Continue reading

San Francisco | City Hall Extravaganza

The “Palace of the People”. This is what city hall is nicknamed by San Franciscans, and it´s true! If you ever make your way to the “City by the Bay”, you will miss out if you do not pay visit to one of the most beautiful landmarks that Frisco has to offer! Continue reading

San Francisco | Building Beauty in the City by the Bay

The “City by the Bay” is in constant change and there are always new things to discover as I just recently found out during my latest trip to San Francisco. Wherever it is architecture, urban planning or simply new perspectives to enjoy one of the most recognized skylines in the world. Find out my latest 36 favorite places to head to. Continue reading

San Francisco | Power Walk to Baker Beach

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most photographed constructions around the whole world and it is truly a magnificent structure from every point of view. Heading over to Baker Beach on the Western shores of San Francisco is a trip that everyone should take once in town. The view from the beach onto the bridge is probably one of the most romantic ones there is. And getting there by foot is not as difficult as I thought it would be. Continue reading

San Francisco | From Frisco to Capitola on Highway 1 – A Love Story

Driving down the coast in Northern California is something everyone should have done at least once in his/her lifetime. The romance of the rugged cliffs and the powerful Pacific Ocean underneath is only topped by the sheer natural beauty that surrounds you while following the serpentine road along sleepy coastal towns and surfer beaches to Capitola, a picturesque seaside city that would do just perfectly as a movie set for a “Jaws” remake. Continue reading

San Francisco | Nature Calling in Yosemite

It must have been my father who passed his love and admiration for the beauty of nature on to me when I was a small kid. My first time to the U. S. was back in 1989 and we returned year after year after. But no state was as often on our travel list like California and its gorgeous national parks. I ruined a pair of new Converse shoes on Mono Lake, we accidentally ran over a rabbit at night in Joshua Tree and I was scared to death when driving at high noon through Death Valley with no other cars passing by, imagining the worst possible case of a flat tire… . Yosemite though had been a blank space on the map though. Continue reading

San Francisco | Redwoods & Wanderlust

It does not really make a difference wherever you visit San Francisco as a destination by itself, as a port of call during your cruise or as a stopover when heading North or South. There is always something new to explore in and around Belle of the Bay. How do seashore waterfalls and mighty Redwoods, each just a little over an hour drive away from downtown, sound to you? Join me on a thrilling day trip into the amazing nature that awaits just off the San Francisco city limits and spend a day at the heart of Planet Earth. Continue reading

#1,000,001 Reasons | 2017/18 Cruise Highlights with Carnival Cruise Line

2016 is a great year for Carnival fans around the world. It marks the cruise line´s return to Europe after a few years break and the introduction of the company´s newest resort vessel, Carnival Vista, bringing impressive innovations to the seas like the first IMAX theatre or the thrilling Skyride bicycle course. Just to name a few.

And while the year has already passed half and most of you will have already booked their cruise for this winter, why not talking about what is in stock for next year? Continue reading