Frankfurt am Main | A Weekend in Mainhattan

Frankfurt, this is the place where I started my career as a flight attendant and where I spend almost six and a half years living in between flights. Back then, it surely was not my favorite place to be. But as May 2017 had already been some sort of trip to the past with my earlier visit to Dusseldorf, I decided to plan a romantic weekend around my birthday celebrations with my love in the city where it all began. And guess what? It has been better than ever… Continue reading

MS Excellence Princess | Dining Deluxe on the Rhine River

Food is one of the unquestionable temptations during a cruise and definitely one of the biggest success factors in the cruise industry. To me, it contributes massively to my well-being aboard and it is one of these things in life where a person´s passion and talent for his job as chef are unarguably measurable. And while the range of quality of onboard cooking can well differ from unspectacular to magnifique, I was more than happy to find out that Excellence Princess was lucky enough to have a chef that perfectly combined his talent, his passion for food and his motivation to strive for the best and who worked hard together with his team to deliver these high standards onto our plates. Continue reading

Mittelthurgau Travel | MS Excellence Princess Ship Tour

With an overall length of only 135 meters, Excellence Princess is actually one of the larger vessels floating on the European river network these days. Built in 2014, 186 passengers travel in luxurious outside cabins and junior suites in a highly familiar atmosphere, pampered with outstanding cuisine and first class service. I enjoyed a full week of Swiss hospitality on the Rhine River and I would most definitely go back onboard anytime. Continue reading

Excellence Princess | From Basel to Amsterdam – Day 7: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Day 7: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The ship reached port while I was still in Slumberland. It was a light sleep though as I could hear most of the maneuvering echoes through the steel walls of the exterior. It must have been around three or four in the early morning that we had finally reached Amsterdam and docked, as had finally fallen and I could continue to rest for a few more hours. Continue reading

Excellence Princess | From Basel to Amsterdam – Day 6: Duisburg, Germany

Day 6: Duisburg, Germany

The Ruhrpott, or also known as Pott, had always been Germany´s industrial area number one. While its iron and coal industry were major bombing targets during World War II, it served straight after again as the country´s primary industrial and electricity hub. Most of the coal-fired power stations had been closed due to the nation´s environmental politics decades ago, but a few of them are still in service these days, at least for a few more years. Continue reading

Excellence Princess | From Basel to Amsterdam – Day 5: Cologne, Germany

Day 5: Cologne, Germany

On the minute at 8:30am, Excellence Princess started her engines and the ship maneuvered from its anchoring position on the Mosel River right across the old town of Koblenz back into the Rhine River. The day started beautifully and the fortress throned brightly illuminated by the sun above the city. It would take us about 3 1/2 hours to overcome the roughly 110 kilometers that lied in-between Koblenz and our next stop, Cologne. Continue reading

Excellence Princess | From Basel to Amsterdam – Day 4: Koblenz, Germany

Day 4: Koblenz, Germany

We left Rüdesheim in the early morning around 8:30am. I had set my alarm clock an hour early to be able to take some photos from castle Ehrenfels, the one that I had climbed up to yesterday, from the river perspective. Unfortunately, the weather was not as grand. Even though it was not raining, the sky was covered in grey and the air almost seemed a little misty. Not the best conditions for photographing, but if that is what I would have to work with, fine. Everything is better than rain! Continue reading

Excellence Princess | From Basel to Amsterdam – Day 3: Rüdesheim, Germany

Day 3: Rüdesheim, Germany

It was so longest stay so far during the river cruise from Basel to Amsterdam and for my taste, it could have been even longer. We had left Gambsheim around six o´clock in the evening before and passed the last lock on this journey during dinner time. While not being aware of it at all (despite the many locks we left behind), the Excellence Princess had mastered over 55 meters difference in elevation during the last two days. That is over half the height of the Statue of Liberty!

Continue reading

Excellence Princess | From Basel to Amsterdam – Day 2: Strasbourg & Obernai, France

Day 2: Strasbourg & Obernai, France

The next morning began early. My alarm clock woke me up at 7.15am so that I had enough time to get ready and have a little breakfast before the buses left for downtown Strasbourg. Even though I had not booked any shore excursions, a separate transfer bus was provided for all individually traveling guests as well, free of charge. So I could not only enjoy the highlights of Strasbourg in the morning, but also the afternoon excursion into the picturesque village of Obernai in the heart of the Alsace. Continue reading