Prague | Café Savoy

A fantastic place to enjoy either a steaming hot chocolate or classical coffee specialities along with a decent snack or a piece of high-class confectionary in a surrounding that gives great insight into what a café must have looked like in the First Czechoslovakian Republic back then. Continue reading

Prague | Emporio Apartments

We all know how expensive weekend getaways can be. Hotel, transportation, dining out, sightseeing, shopping, etc. What at first looks like a great deal adds easily up to as much as you would spend during a whole week on vacation. This is why I had set myself a strict budget for my latest weekend city trip to Prague in March. But does budget always necessarily mean that you will have to compromise on comfort and location? Not really as I found out with Emporio Prague Apartments. Continue reading

Prague | A weekend in the “Paris of the East”

As many places that I have already been to during my life being a flight attendant and  as passionate world traveler, as many white spots are still left on the map that are just waiting to be discovered and explored. I do not know why it took me so long to have Prague on the agenda, but after my recent weekend trip to the Czech capital, I have certainly learned that I had missed out on something so far. Continue reading

Budget Travel | From Munich to Prague – Overland Bus versus Airline

Traveling in Europe is these days almost as easy as one-two-three. There are so many budget options to choose from to get from A to B, wherever it is the train, the ferry, the plane, by car or the latest trend in low-cost travel, the overland buses. Since I had already tried budget airlines like Indigo or SpiceJet when in India, Germany and Europe have remained untouched ground so far. Working for an airline myself, flying has more or less always been some sort of budget travel for me. But for my weekend trip to Prague, I wanted to try something different. Continue reading