Montréal | Light Art and Royal Views

Having been able to exchange one of my three days European rotations against a quick hopper to Montréal made me not only take a wonderful winter promenade up to the city´s best lookout around, but also to experience downtown in a festival of colors and lights during the annual Montréal en Lumière festivity. Continue reading

Montréal | Café Parvis – a Breakfast Beautiful

IMG_4388It is an awfully grey, chilly and rainy day here in Montréal and I should be well writing about my recent Mediterranean cruise to the Greek islands onboard Celebrity Equinox. Well, just the thoughts of the Aegean sun warming up my skin right now light up this miserable day instantly. But what´s more helpful at this moment is a decent breakfast to accelerate my inner power plant and to shed off all those shivers and negative thoughts that the misty grey outside causes inside me.

And so, just five minutes after leaving the hotel and making my way against the force winds outside (while realizing that the jacket I had packed was sooooo not appropriate for this kind of weather), I found myself sheltered inside the beautifully appointed Café Parvis. Continue reading

Montréal | Le Cristal Chinois – A Breakfast Beautiful

IMG_7046Stopping in Quebec´s “UNESCO City of Design” and looking for something different from bagels or scrambled eggs for breakfast? Easy. Montréal offers a wide range of gastronomical styles. While a lot of restaurants continue to preserve and/or to develop the traditional French Canadian cuisine, there are many, many other ethical styles available, which the varied demographics of immigrants living in the city mirror well.

Montréal hosts the second largest Canadian community of Italians after Toronto. Followed by large numbers of Irish, English and Scottish. It is also home to many Arabs and people of Middle Eastern origin and bursts a rich community of Asian nationalities, with the Chinese providing the largest one. Continue reading