Los Angeles | Captain Kidd´s Fish Market

When my friend Andi and I returned from our trip to the wonderful RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach, we were hungry like wolves. But I was more in the mood for a light and healthy protein snack rather than that typical steak dinner. So Andreas had the perfect idea. Continue reading

Los Angeles | A Day on the R.M.S. Queen Mary

For a ship geek like me it is unessential wherever it is at high seas or just in port, a ship is a ship and it does not lose any fascination to me just because it is fixed to the pier for the rest of the time being. Particularly, when it is a legend of transatlantic travel like the astonishing R.M.S. Queen Mary. Once one of the most popular luxury liners during the golden ages of ocean passages, she is now serving as a boutique hotel and floating museum, commemorating the glamour and style of long-lost times. Continue reading

Los Angeles | A Sporty Trip to Venice Beach

California sun. The powerful Pacific Ocean. The L.A. way of life. Los Angeles is a city that is normally best explored by car. But there are some places that are much more fun to visit by bike. Like Venice Beach. Continue reading

#1,000,001 Reasons | 2017/18 Cruise Highlights with Carnival Cruise Line

2016 is a great year for Carnival fans around the world. It marks the cruise line´s return to Europe after a few years break and the introduction of the company´s newest resort vessel, Carnival Vista, bringing impressive innovations to the seas like the first IMAX theatre or the thrilling Skyride bicycle course. Just to name a few.

And while the year has already passed half and most of you will have already booked their cruise for this winter, why not talking about what is in stock for next year? Continue reading

Los Angeles | Californiacation – Sunrise at Joshua Tree Nationalpark

IMG_7146If I hear myself talk sometimes, I could actually myself get the impression that I would be most happy living on top of the Mount Everest. All by myself. No one close by. Just me and Nature (Ok, and maybe the one or other storm howling around from time to time).

But as much as I love to escape into the Wilderness of our beautiful, beautiful planet, I am a city boy through and through. Whenever I have made trips to secluded areas, after two or three days I was already missing the hustle and bustle of big city life lying just behind the apartment door at home. So a complete move into nowhere would probably bore me to death after all. Continue reading

Los Angeles | Jon & Vinny´s – A Breakfast Beautiful

There is two things that I absolutely hate about L.A.:

  1. Traffic
  2. Traffic (and those seemingly millions of exploded tire pieces lying on the highways, just waiting to be catapulted onto your windshield or scratching off the polish of your car).
Italian soul, Scandinavian style: Jon & Vinny´s
Italian soul, Scandinavian style: Jon & Vinny´s

But as much as I dislike spending hours and hours in traffic stagnation, as much I appreciate the variety of extremely good restaurants spread all over the city.

So whenever I get to fly to Los Angeles, and that ain´t that often (those nine hours time difference just kill me every single time…), I take the burden of transport terror to pay visit to one of my absolute favourite breakfast locations: JON & VINNY´S in Fairfax, next to WEHO. Continue reading

Vegas to L.A. | Why fly when you can drive? And shop…

Seventy-seven Dollars. That is the one-way price for a ticket on a Southwest Airlines flight from McCarran Airport to LAX International, one piece of checked-in luggage and hand-baggage included. If you book early. No question about it, this is a freaking good deal, right? The only letdown during this 55-minute ride: Continue reading