Mexico City | A little bit of History repeating – National Museum of Anthropology

Mexico is one of these colorful countries that bursts in history wherever you lay foot on. A visit to the impressive Museo Nacional de Antropología, nestled beautifully into the green lung of the city, Chapultepec Park, is a wonderful way to explore the country´s rich heritage presented in world-class architecture. And the best, admission is completely free on weekends! Continue reading

B.S. Taqueria – A Mexican Jewel in Downtown L.A.

Making your way into downtown L.A. and craving for some delicious Mexican cuisine? Then check into B.S. Taqueria, L.A. native chef Ray Garcia´s playground. Continue reading

Munich | Art & Antiques 2017

We all love museums. But isn´t it sometimes frustrating that all that you can take home with you  from the visit is either an overpriced picture postcard or simply your memories? Well, at the Kunst & Antiquitätenmesse (Art & Antiques) in Munich you can not only marvel at extraordinary contemporary and antique art and furnitures, you can actually do take it home. If you wanted to. Continue reading

Los Angeles | Discovering Downtown – 13 Reasons to Head to the City Center

Downtown Los Angeles probably never had the best reputation of being a typical tourist destination when visiting Southern California. But after my recent 24 hours city trip to the City of the Angels, I found at least 13 reasons why you should consider to include it in your next travel itinerary. Continue reading

Mexico City | Eight Terrific Interiors that You Must See

I had my first flight ever 19 years ago to Mexico City and I have never gotten anywhere close to getting tired of discovering all the hidden gems that this wonderful city has to offer. This time, I was on the hunt for extraordinary interiors. And boy did I find some… Continue reading

Mexico City | El Balcón del Zócalo

Just around the corner of the majestic Catedral Metropolitana, on top of the Zócalo Central Hotel, lies the chic and trendy Balcón del Zócalo restaurant and rooftop bar with splendid vistas onto the church and the Plaza de la Constitutión. Continue reading

Mexico City | Culture, Kahlo & Folklore

Even though I had originally planned three full-day excursions during my four nights layover in Mexico City, I had to step down from the gas pedal as the tour to Santiago de Querétaro had been more strenuous as expected. Silly me had forgotten sunscreen and my lucky charm hat at home and so I did not only bring wonderful pictures and memories back with me, but also quite a bad sunburn on my arms, my neck and my head. So instead of crawling up and down the streets of Puebla and Cholula underneath the merciless Mexican sun, I decided to stay in Mexico City itself and take it slow. As it proofed in the end, not a bad idea at all. Because there is always something to do and see! Continue reading

Mexico City | A Day Trip to Santiago de Querétaro

Full-day excursions from Mexico City are a great way to explore other parts of Central Mexico and offer a nice retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city itself. It has been a full year since I last came here, so I was more than ready to hit the road once again and explore the beautiful historic parts of Santiago de Querétaro, 213 kilometers northwest of Mexico City in the state of Querétaro. It is also referred to as the “Pearl of the Bajío” and the safest city in whole Mexico with the highest quality of life.  Continue reading

Cusco | Gateway to the Incas

If you ever had Machu Picchu on your bucket list schedule, you probably will not get past the historic capital of the Inca Empire, Cusco. Located at the foot of the Urubamba Valley, the city is today´s capital of the Cusco Region and Province and counts over 430,000 inhabitants. Not mentioning the annual two million visitors that find their way either via plane or foot to the mountain area. While most of the romance and adventure of foregoing ancient times may have passed, Cusco still remains exciting and different and is a great gateway to the Andes and the magical ruins of Machu Picchu. Continue reading