Tokyo | Temple Marathon in Kamakura

Another popular one day excursion from Tokyo is a visit to the beautiful city of Kamakura about an hour by train southwestern of the metropolis. It can also be a wonderful full-day excursion while having Yokohama as a port of call during an Asian cruise. The last time I had been here was over 15 years ago, so I thought it would be a neat conclusion to my short stay in Japan. It does not only feature a wide array of gorgeous temples and shrines, it also is a popular beach and shopping destination while still preserving the traditional Japanese style in housing and living. So pack your bag and come join me on a journey back in time. Continue reading

Tokyo | A Daytrip to Hakone – Mount Fuji

Seeing Mount Fuji for once in real life was a long-kept dream of mine. I have traveled to Japan many times in the last 18 years, but yet I had not managed to pay visit to the one if not the most symbolic landmark that the “Land of the Rising Sun” has to offer. Having it seen in magazines and on television uncountable times, I can tell you it is such a difference when you stand eye to an eye with this majestic beauty! So when I had the chance to take a flight with two full days off in Tokyo, guess what I aimed for? Continue reading

Tokyo | Sightseeing for First Timers – 14 Must Do´s

2020 is Tokyo´s big year: After a few economical ups and downs in the past few years and the terrible Nuclear accident in Fukushima, Japan´s capital and most populous metropolitan area in the world is getting ready for the Summer Olympics and a restored self-confidence.  To show the world once again that (almost) everything seems better in the Land of the Rising Sun. Continue reading