Toulouse | A Bike Trip along Canal de Midi

It has already been a few weeks, but I really did not want you to miss out on this highly worthwhile Nature excursion down the beautiful canal to the South. Having been completely exhausted from a five days early bird rotation and being completely wrongly dressed on this rather windy and rainy afternoon, it was our First Officer who had proposed this little exercise trip through the romantic UNESCO World Heritage Site landscape. Continue reading

Monaco | A Principality in Fast Forward

Would you say that it was crazy to fly down to the French Riviera for only one night? Maybe, maybe not. But apart from all the hassle, those 24 hours on the sunny side of life were just the beautiful kick that I was longing for on this mini weekend retreat in Monaco. Continue reading

Toulouse | Top Sightseeing in 4 Hours in La Ville Rose

There are places in Europe that I have been dozens of times to and then there are these blank spots on the map. Like Toulouse in France. During my recent short-haul rotation, I was lucky enough to spend one night in this cute city in the South of France, about 590 kilometers by plane from Paris. Even though I only had a few hours left of the afternoon and I was still devastated from getting up at 2:45am in the morning, I took the chance and walked “La Ville Rose“. And boy was it worth it! Continue reading

Excellence Princess | From Basel to Amsterdam – Day 2: Strasbourg & Obernai, France

Day 2: Strasbourg & Obernai, France

The next morning began early. My alarm clock woke me up at 7.15am so that I had enough time to get ready and have a little breakfast before the buses left for downtown Strasbourg. Even though I had not booked any shore excursions, a separate transfer bus was provided for all individually traveling guests as well, free of charge. So I could not only enjoy the highlights of Strasbourg in the morning, but also the afternoon excursion into the picturesque village of Obernai in the heart of the Alsace. Continue reading

Excellence Princess | From Basel to Amsterdam – A Week on the Rhine River

River cruises are supposed to be something for older people. At least, this is what people said on each resort ship cruise that we have taken so far. And it is kind of true, at least when we talk simply about the average age. But remember how in general cruising was poised to be a typical retirement vacation until just a few years ago? And look where it is heading these days. The same will happen with river cruises, I believe.

It was a very spontaneous decision to float on a river instead of the ocean. Most of my vacation was ruined by a severe bronchitis and I needed a little getaway, if only for a week. I needed a cruise preferably in Europe (to avoid long distance flights) and, most importantly, I was trying to keep the single occupancy surcharge as low as possible. Continue reading