Project EDGE | A short update on the cruise industry´s best kept secret

Just having returned from a beautiful Mediterranean cruise aboard Celebrity Equinox a few days ago (yes, there will be a blog post about this trip!), I could not miss out to gather any new information from the crew onboard concerning Celebrity Cruises´ well guarded secret Project EDGE. Continue reading

MSC Preziosa | Precious Gemstone on the Mediterranean

Just a few weeks ago, I had the chance to experience MSC Cruises´ latest fleet addition, MSC Preziosa, on a mini cruise from Barcelona to Genoa. The ship, which was originally ordered by the Lybian General National Maritime Transport Company (GNMTC) as MS Phoenicia in 2010, was introduced to the MSC fleet in 2013.

MSC Preziosa and Mein Schiff 4 in the Port of Barcelona

After the completion of the ship´s hull, the political instability in the Near East, also referred to as the Arabic Spring, left GNMTC penniless and MS Phoenicia without a future. Continue reading

Norwegian´s Norway | In Seven Days through Europe´s Alaska onboard Norwegian Star – Bergen

I am awfully sorry that it took me so long to follow-up with the next and final blog post about my cruise to the Norwegian Fjords onboard Norwegian Star, but these last weeks have been so filled up with work and leisure trips, that I have had actually a hard time finding a moment in between to not breathe with increased heart rhythm and a pulse of 180, lol. But I promise to do better in the future. I am planning to keep my future posts shorter without leaving out the most relevant information in order to be able to post closer to my travels. And this one shall be the first of the kind! Continue reading

Norwegian´s Norway | In Seven Days through Europe´s Alaska onboard Norwegian Star – Flåm

IMG_5401From Geiranger we sailed back South past the rugged Norwegian coast. Having still been deeply impressed by Nature´s beauty and absoluteness, Norwegian Star was heading for her next and already second last destination on this most amazing cruise: Flåm.

But first, it was time to salute this impeccable day at Geiranger during the evening cocktail reception down at Spinnaker Lounge with a lovely glass of Appletini. These events are always a great way to catch up chitchat with some of the people who you have met during the cruise, but they are also a nice opportunity to get to know some of the Senior Officers more personally. Like the Master of Norwegian Star, Captain Konstantinos Fafalios or Hotel Director Hugo Vanosmael. Continue reading

Project Edge | Taking Celebrity Cruises to new Heights?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: All image material had to be withdrawn from by official demand. Please read my latest article! Softroom Ltd. is NO LONGER involved with Project EDGE (as of September 2016).

While Celebrity Cruises´ mother company Royal Caribbean International has thrown one new state-of-the-art cruise vessel after the other onto the market in the last couple of years, Royal´s fashionable deluxe cruise line Celebrity itself has inaugurated her last new-built (Celebrity Reflection) in 2012.

So more than time again to revolutionize the brand´s “Modern Luxury” experience with the introduction of the lines´ next generation ships, the so-called PROJECT EDGE. Continue reading

Norwegian´s Norway | In Seven Days through Europe´s Alaska onboard Norwegian Star – Geiranger

IMG_5468Since I can recall I have been dreaming of visiting Geirangerfjord on a ship. Having seen endless documentaries about it and countless photos in cruise and travel magazines, it was more than time to finally experience the magic of it myself.

The small town of Geiranger, where the ships are moored at, is the Fjord´s beating heart and lies right at the end of Geirangerfjord. During the four-month peak season of summer, 140 to 180 cruise ships visit here, bringing up to 300,000 tourists to town. On some days, Geiranger welcomes up to six large vessels at the same time! That means, that the 250 permanent residents are confronted with up to 18,000 visitors at once. That actually sounds a little scary, doesn´t it? Continue reading

Norwegian´s Norway | In Seven Days through Europe´s Alaska onboard Norwegian Star – Ålesund

No matter what season of the year you are planning on going to Norway, the weather will remain mostly as unpredictable as Nature itself. Sharing the same latitude as Alaska, Greenland and Siberia, Norway may have the most pleasant climate compared to all of these destinations due to the warm waters of the Gulf Stream and the mild air currents, yet particularly the coastline can be overwhelmed on regular basis with sudden low pressure areas and intense rainfall. In other words: One second you have blue skies and the sun out, the next moment it´s pouring cats and dogs. Continue reading

Norwegian´s Norway | In Seven Days through Europe´s Alaska onboard Norwegian Star – Sailaway

Early morning capture in Munich on the way to the airport

It has been on my cruise bucket list for a long time: Norway. Also referred to as the Alaska of Europe, Norway bursts with breathtaking Nature, astonishing Wildlife and a rich history full of Myths, Legends and Fables. The name “Norway” springs from the Old Norse term norðrvegr (“Northern Way” or “Way to the North”) which was used by the Geats and the Danes at early time of history. It is proofed that the first settlements date back to 10,000 BC, yet Norway is particularly popular for the reign of the Vikings.

In June 2015, I decided spontaneously to cross Norway from my cruise bucket list and set sail for a week of my personal Norwegian adventure on the, at that time, freshly refurbished Norwegian Star out of Copenhagen, Denmark. Continue reading

Grand Turk | A Day in Paradise

After being glued to home for over 10 days now due to a sinus infection and therefore being completely stuck with the offshoots of winter here in Germany, I thought it would be a colorful #MondayMotivation to let my mind wander off to beautiful Grand Turk, main island of the Turks and Caicos Islands and home to the capital Cockburn Town. Continue reading