Jaipur | 48 Hours in India´s Pink City

When I think about India my mind dives into a rich and colorful Bollywood movie full of exotic scents. Lots of shiny and glitz fabrics, one of the most delicious and refined cuisines and, to stay realistic, a constant smell of excreta. It is a country that just leaves two options for all travelers: You simply love it or you will hate it do death. It does ask for many compromises, but if you dare to get yourself in you will be rewarded with experiences and impressions that will shape the way you will see the future. Continue reading

Garmisch-Partenkirchen | Mountain Madness on the Zugspitze

Somehow it is rather funny. I have been living in Munich now for 13 years, I travel the whole world for work and on leisure, but I haven´t quite made it into this area ever since I last was a child. And this is really awkward. Garmisch-Partenkirchen lies only one hour and 30 minutes south of Munich, easily accessible by an hourly departing train. Yet, my mind seems not to have taken this seriously enough, to actually plan a journey there. Continue reading

Project EDGE | A short update on the cruise industry´s best kept secret

Just having returned from a beautiful Mediterranean cruise aboard Celebrity Equinox a few days ago (yes, there will be a blog post about this trip!), I could not miss out to gather any new information from the crew onboard concerning Celebrity Cruises´ well guarded secret Project EDGE. Continue reading

Mexico City | A day trip to Taxco

Letzter Import – 131I remember my first ever flight to Mexico City around 15 years ago as if it was yesterday. At that time, I was mainly flying the routes to India, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines (yes, we did go nonstop then!). So it was always an adventure to be visiting a destination that was completely new to oneself.

Like everything in life, the things you do at an early stage clip on you forever. And so it was no surprise that my excursion back then to Taxco de Alarcón simmered constantly on my re-visit bucket list. So when I planned our tours for this rotation, Taxco ranked number one. Continue reading

Mexico City | Magic Mondays on the Markets

Letzter Import – 005It´s kind of weird, but originally I would have been right now on Hurtigruten´s  oldest ship, the MS Lofoten, sailing up the Norwegian coast to Kirkenes and back to Bergen, but the voyage that I have been waiting for over half a year was cancelled a day before departure due to an unexpected mechanical failure of the ship´s engine.

Bad luck? I would say so! Anyways. I guess it could have been worse. Like the failure happening on the second day of the cruise.

But like sometimes in life, in the end this misfortune would lead to something even better: Like a Mediterranean cruise together with my beloved partner and spare time to finally sit down and write about my 3-days Mexican adventure! Continue reading

MSC Preziosa | Precious Gemstone on the Mediterranean

Just a few weeks ago, I had the chance to experience MSC Cruises´ latest fleet addition, MSC Preziosa, on a mini cruise from Barcelona to Genoa. The ship, which was originally ordered by the Lybian General National Maritime Transport Company (GNMTC) as MS Phoenicia in 2010, was introduced to the MSC fleet in 2013.

MSC Preziosa and Mein Schiff 4 in the Port of Barcelona

After the completion of the ship´s hull, the political instability in the Near East, also referred to as the Arabic Spring, left GNMTC penniless and MS Phoenicia without a future. Continue reading

Miami | Breakfast Beautiful in South Beach

Miami is my all-time favourite layover ever. Even though the flights are long and pretty hard work, standing with my bare naked feet in the Atlantic Ocean 12 hours after departure is always well worth it.


The sun, the warmth, the spirit, it´s like coming home every single time. Continue reading

Norwegian´s Norway | In Seven Days through Europe´s Alaska onboard Norwegian Star – Bergen

I am awfully sorry that it took me so long to follow-up with the next and final blog post about my cruise to the Norwegian Fjords onboard Norwegian Star, but these last weeks have been so filled up with work and leisure trips, that I have had actually a hard time finding a moment in between to not breathe with increased heart rhythm and a pulse of 180, lol. But I promise to do better in the future. I am planning to keep my future posts shorter without leaving out the most relevant information in order to be able to post closer to my travels. And this one shall be the first of the kind! Continue reading

Norwegian´s Norway | In Seven Days through Europe´s Alaska onboard Norwegian Star – Flåm

IMG_5401From Geiranger we sailed back South past the rugged Norwegian coast. Having still been deeply impressed by Nature´s beauty and absoluteness, Norwegian Star was heading for her next and already second last destination on this most amazing cruise: Flåm.

But first, it was time to salute this impeccable day at Geiranger during the evening cocktail reception down at Spinnaker Lounge with a lovely glass of Appletini. These events are always a great way to catch up chitchat with some of the people who you have met during the cruise, but they are also a nice opportunity to get to know some of the Senior Officers more personally. Like the Master of Norwegian Star, Captain Konstantinos Fafalios or Hotel Director Hugo Vanosmael. Continue reading