Chicago | Winter Beauty in the Windy City

It´s crazy. During winter time, Chicago is one of the coldest and most hostile cities to walk the streets in the world. Yet the ice-cold season holds so many merry moments to capture with the camera, that from a photographer´s perspective I can only praise the Windy City as photogenic in every type of weather (and at any time of day). But it is not only the rough outdoors that will cast their spell on you while the winter sun slowly sets upon Lake Michigan, it is also the fact that those frosty temperatures force you to stop and heat up in regular intervals inside any building that comes handy. And this is where you suddenly discover all those hidden gems that you normally would pass by.

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Chicago | Chicago Hilton

This Chicago landmark may only be the third largest hotel in the Windy City when it comes to the number of guest rooms, but it surely is a one-of-a-kind location as it has already hosted every single US President since its opening in 1927. Continue reading

Chicago | Imperial Lamian

Get ready for the ultimate Dim Sum experience in Chicago. A Brunch, Lunch and Dinner beautiful! Continue reading

Chicago | A Fall Day in the Windy City

Fall in Chicago can be either a mild and sunny experience or it is raining cats and dogs. The city´s location at the endless shores of Lake Michigan makes it pretty much susceptible to the ever-changing climate of a typical seaside town, yet whatever weather you will find outside when traveling to the Windy City, Chicago is great in every condition. Continue reading

Chicago | Cindy´s Rooftop Bar & Restaurant

As if the entrance to the most beautiful Chicago Athletic Association Hotel wasn´t hidden already pretty well enough, its best kept secret, the rooftop bar and restaurant Cindy´s, sure is for the majority of people rushing by this lunch and dinner hotspot. Continue reading