Rio de Janeiro | 24 Hours in Brasil´s World City

Rio de Janeiro is so much more than just a city. It is a lifestyle. Breaking down my latest 24 hours stay in the 2016 Summer Olympics hosting city, I can only describe it as a life enhancing experience. Continue reading

LATAM A319 Economy Class | Sao Paulo – Rio de Janeiro – Sao Paulo

After Brasil´s old national airline VARIG disappeared from the market over a decade ago, TAM Brasil was the countries national carrier and loyal partner to the Star Alliance network grouping around Lufthansa and the other founding members. Continue reading

Intimidating São Paulo? | How to enjoy the Brazilian megalopolis and stay safe

I am sure you heard this before:

IMG_6157I would really like to go São Paulo, but…“.

Maybe these words did even come out of your own mouth, I know I had these thoughts before. But without playing down reasonable concern about personal safety in what seems to be one of Brazil´s most dangerous cities, what would have happened if Christopher Columbus or Vasco da Gama or any other world explorer had given in to their inner fears? Right! They would have not gone as far as they did and most importantly, they would have not experienced new horizons.

And that´s what travel is all about, right? Continue reading