About Me


Let´s go somewhere beautiful …

Hi! My name is Tamme and I am a traveller by heart. Being a flight attendant for Europe´s leading airline since 1998 takes me around the world. On here, I frequently share personal reviews and recommendations about destinations, food and other travel tips that I collect on my trips that aim to inspire you to get out there and explore our beautiful and extraordinary world.

“Hideous Journeys” is NOT aiming to the mass market, but I want it to be an informational and inspirational platform for like-minded people who appreciate an authentic and local experience of the places visiting. I like it adventurous yet comfortable and I am definitely always in for some great food along the way!

As I avoid all those mass taste review platforms such as tripadvisor and so on, Hideous Journeys is my way of expressing gratitude to exceptional places and people that have contributed to all the journeys that lie behind and ahead of me.

The greatest luxury on Earth is to travel and to see things with your own eyes. How you do it is up to you. This is my way. I hope, you will enjoy it.

Happy exploring


PR / Sponsorship inquiries: tamme@hideousjourneys.com

Instagram: @tammetravels