Hideous? How in the world could somebody name a travel blog “Hideous Journeys” when the articles published are quite positive indeed? What on earth could be hideous about travel at all? And why does a German think, he should be posting in English?

Altogether, it seems that this makes no sense at all. At least at first sight.

But like everything else in life, this case does require a deeper investigation. A second look.

Hi, my name is Tamme.

And I am a guy (for all English native speakers: In German the “e” at the end is a so-called silent vocal. It is not pronounced like Tammy 🙂 ). I am a traveler since I was a child.

My parents sparked my wanderlust at early age and it has grown and evolved since then. Working in the travel industry for almost two decades now, I have visited 63 countries on four continents so far. And no end in sight.

Travel inspires me. Travel contributes to who I am and who I will be in the future. It is the base for peace as it makes you see and understand.

But Travel also asks for effort: It means to sometimes leave comfort zones behind and to cut down on personal habits. It asks for patience, flexibility and the respect towards other cultures without judgement. And that ain´t always easy!

It will change the way you see the world though. And how you see yourself. It is an enrichment to life, for all of us. All you have to do is give your all:)

“Hideous Journeys” is  my way to explore our planet. “Hideous” was chosen not to underline the negativity that this term generally stands for, but rather to point out a second possible interpretation: Hideously beautiful!

At the same time, it underlines my uniqueness as a person and how i feel about my travels. The blog aims to reach people around the globe who can connect to this way of life and who appreciate high quality travel photography. Who want to be inspired to step outside their comfort zones, and to see all of these amazing wonders that our planet has to offer.

Being spoiled should never prevent you from wanting to experience the whole thing. Safe travels, folks. See you on the road!


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