The Pyramids of Giza | Cairo´s Supreme

I should be writing already about our latest Hawaiian adventure, but instead I thought I finally needed to get this post about my foregoing trip to the amazing and impressive Pyramids of Giza done. A site that everyone should mark off his bucket list.


It was long past one o´clock in the early morning that we finally arrived at the hotel close to Cairo airport and the flight over had been extremely busy. Yet this swap had been a much better deal than the original tour that I was originally scheduled to work on.

The company´s security advises stated that a visit to the pyramids or other local touristic sites was not recommended, yet not forbidden. So with the permission of the captain, I was able to set up a tour organized by the hotel as a compromise in order to keep it safe and convenient. And even though it turned out to be one of these typical “cash-the-tourist” excursions , the two girls and I were definitely happy with the time we spent at one of the Seven wonders of the World.


Depending on the location of your hotel and traffic, the drive to Giza can easily eat up one or two hours each way, so make sure you have water and a little snack along. It is always a good idea to wear a hat and sun screen, as well as sunglasses to shield your eyes from sudden sand storms.

Prepare for beggars, salesmen or any kind of people trying to show or sell you something while you walk the premise. This is probably one of the most stressful things when visiting the pyramids as you will not make one step without being followed.


Horse and camel riders followed us all the way up the hill, trying to cash us a ride. Nothing that I would want to do, but if you feel like it, make sure to negotiate the price before you mount any of the animals. These guys tend to forget very quickly what has been agreed on earlier.

If you stay around the main pyramids, you can easily explore the surroundings by foot. It might be dusty, but it still is lots of fun to walk between these truly ancient constructions. It is still hard for me to believe that they were man built, to be honest. Even if they appear much smaller in reality than on photos or on television.


The view from up the hill provides excellent vistas towards Cairo in the one, and the desert in the other direction. And you can easily walk there, simply follow the pathed road.

The light shows in the evenings are very popular with tourists, but if you are smart, book one of the hotels that border to the site. Most of them have a rooftop bar from where you can enjoy the spectacle in the comfort of your luxury resort without having to pay the entrance fee.


One tip from my side for all the ladies: Do yourself the favor and wear light long pants and long-sleeved blouses. This may not only reduce inadequate reactions by local males, a summer dress could also be unintentionally blown up by one of the sudden occuring winds.

Apart from that, please pay respect to the geological worth of the site and do not climb on stones or wherever climbing is prohibited. It is also a sad thing to see people litter here, so please do better than them.


And always remember your personal safety! Stay on the tracks and do not walk too far away from your group or other people. It is also a good idea to have an eye on your personal belongings, particularly when you are visiting during peak hours.

But do not forget to have fun! Remember, you are walking past buildings that have been erected around 4,000 years ago. Few places on Earth still have so much myth and mystic around them …


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