Lufthansa | A350 – Blue Bird Style

Being part of the exclusive A380-Group at my homebase Munich, it took just about two full years until I finally received my training in December 2018 on our beautiful A350 Thunderbird. The first plane, call sign D-AIXA, was delivered in December 2016 and began full operation on our Delhi route in February 2017. Until today, 12 A350´s are already in service with two more (D-AIXM and D-AIXN) joining the fleet end of March, respectively June 2019. The, for the time being, last jetliner (D-AIXO) is expected for November 2019. Completing the original order of 15 XWB-aircrafts.


I had my first flight to Denver just this January and I really have to say, being a complete A380-Nerd, this plane is definitely my second favorite plane to hit the skies with.

The sleek outside design with the funny black sunglasses, the immense engines and those elegant sharklets, who could not fall in love with this masterpiece in engineering? Not speaking of the state-of-the-art interiors.


Our A350 is the first fleet to feature a new Economy Class product with a comfortably patted chair and a cabin held in the so-called “Color Breeze” concept which displays in different shades of blue on each seat. This does not only underline the generally wider cabin of the aircraft, it also adds a fresh, elegant and modern touch to our main cabin.

Each seat is equipped with a large seat-back TV, USB port and power outlet. Guests can connect their personal devices via the Companion App with their television and use it as remote control. Or simply stream their pre-selected playlists from the multifarious entertainment selection that they have prepared online at home.


One of my favorite features is that I can send take-offs and landings filmed from one of the three outside cameras onto the overhead screens. So everyone can experience a panoramic view taken from the tail of the plane while the aircraft is departing or arriving to cities around the world.

Another all-time favorite of mine is the award-winning cabin lighting system that has been inaugurated with the A350-fleet and which is currently being retro-fitted to the Boeing B747-8intercontinentals.


Business Class guests can enjoy the currently fleet wide-installed flat-bed seat, as well as a newly added self-service corner. Of course, our personalized Signature Service as well as other exclusive amenities will round-up this luxurious air travel experience.

For those of you, who are looking for a more comfortable Economy experience as well as extra luggage allowance and further amenities, 21 Premium Economy seats are available for your enjoyment, offering 50 percent more room than our regular Economy seats.


But, of course, the most important and truly outstanding characteristics of the A350 are the extremely quiet cabin and the much improved air quality, particularly speaking of the humidification. Flying around the globe so much, I can truly feel and see a difference in how my skin feels and looks after a 12 hours flight. And so will you!

So for your next flight with us, make sure to upgrade your travel experience to our gorgeous A350 blue birds. The A350 is exclusively flying out of Munich and serves momentarily destinations such as Chicago, Denver, Newark, Seoul, Singapore or Tokyo. For further information, click here or visit our website! See you onboard!





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