Eventide | Portland´s Best Lobster Rolls

It has been awhile since I had last written about food. Apologies for that! But good things will take a while, as we all know:). Speaking of heavenly delights, this time I would like to introduce to you a place in Stephen King´s birth state Maine, that does not only deliver “A 1”-quality in terms of seafood in general, but which is particularly popular for their speciality of the house: Portland´s Best Lobster Rolls!


When we first laid foot onto Portland soil, there was one thing that we were looking for since the beginning of our New England and Canada cruise aboard Celebrity Summit last fall: Eat as much Maine lobster as possible!

Of course, lobster is not equal to lobster, we all know that. So after our city tour by foot, exhausted and hungry, we were craving for that soft and crisp, juicy delicacy big time. But aiming for the best, it took me a moment until making the final decision on where to go to for lunch.


Eventide it shall be, I decided. And as soon as we had taken a seat, the extremely friendly and hearty local waitress gave us a quick insight into the menu and the specialities that Eventide was well-known for.

This was our first stop out of two in Maine, so it was self-explaining that we would try all the dishes that the state was worldwide know for: New England Clam Chowder, local Oysters and, of course, Lobster Roll.


Being not the biggest connoisseur in terms of oysters and them having altogether 13 different kinds on offer, we trusted our waitress with her choice and were absolutely delighted once they had been served.

It was Hagen´s first time to ever eat raw oysters. And being a bit on the difficult side with mussels in general, it was a delight to see how much he enjoyed the freshness and superior quality of the three sorts we had tried this day.


The locally brewed beers we had ordered quenched our thirst and a bit our anxiety for what was still to come.

Soon, the creamy and hearty chowder arrived with lots of clams inside and a beautiful intense taste to it, followed by those famous lobster rolls.


Thick chunks of freshly caught Maine lobster gathered on a soft bun, covered with browned butter and their secret spice melange. It was almost like floating away once our teeth drew into the softness of that jewy, munchy piece of white bread.

Browned butter ran down my chin as a big smile formed itself on my face while silently savoring this little piece of gourmet heaven. More, more, more, I thought. But enough should be enough for today. This place would have made it easy to completely loose control! But hey, when you are on a cruise, loosing control is already included in the fare. So as hard as it was, we refrained from ordering another one.


But if you ever make your way up to Portland, Maine, I definitely cannot make you miss this amazing place. These lobster rolls are so succulent and exquisite, skipping a visit to Eventide would leave you missing out on one of the bests that Portland has to offer. Let me know if you liked them as much as we did! Enjoy :). Guten Appetit!


Eventide Oyster Co.
86 Middle St, Portland, ME 04101, USA
+1 207-774-8538



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