B.S. Taqueria – A Mexican Jewel in Downtown L.A.

Making your way into downtown L.A. and craving for some delicious Mexican cuisine? Then check into B.S. Taqueria, L.A. native chef Ray Garcia´s playground.


It was my last duty before being an entire month off. A quick two night escape into sunny Los Angeles. Perfect for soaking up a bit of Californian sun and relaxing by the pool.


While I mostly spend the first night grocery shopping for food and wine in a close by supermarket to enjoy the evening with movies and a picnic on my bed, the second night is highly likely to be the one heading out for dinner and drinks at a place that I normally choose randomly and by liking. And this is how I ended up at this amazing place!

IMG_5833 2

I had walked past it during the afternoon already and took a quick glance through the floor-to-ceiling windows inside. A colorful and bright little restaurant with a few smaller tables on the sides and some wooden elevated statement bar tables in the middle of the room, right across the open kitchen with unparalleled views of the action taking place inside. The dishes were prepared made-to-order and even looked so tasty from the street, that I decided that I simply had to try this place out in the evening. And so I did.


It was quite busy when I entered around 6:30pm, but I was lucky to get a hold of one of the stools on the tables in the center of the restaurant. So I could watch the guys behind the kitchen counter getting bustling. I started out with a Pajara Loco, a delicious cocktail containing Mezcal, tequila reposado, Campari and lime. Yum.


Of course, I had to try the Guacamole with homemade tortilla chips which was truly extraordinary! Seriously, one of the best ones I have ever had in my life.

Then I opted for the Carne Asada Taco which featured tenderly cooked Flank steak along with Nopales and Avocado salsa. Mmmmmmh, to die for, really. Too bad, the taco was sooo small :).


Luckily, the portions are held pretty small though. Since I had eaten the entire Guacamole by myself, the previous taco had just left enough room to try one of the Mexican dishes that I can NEVER do without: Quesadilla.

Just a small bite once again, I can still taste the melted cheese and the fresh tomato salsa. What a treat!

To make this short: A must-do for every lover of truly authentic Mexican cooking with fresh ingredients, a personal twist by a local and perfect seasoning. Fantastic for a quick bite, amazing cocktails or a wonderful dinner with friends. LOVED IT!!!


B.S. Taqueria
514 W. 7th Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90014

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