Hong Kong | Yuet Tung China Works – Souvenirs that Last

We all know the debacle of trying to find that perfect souvenir that will embody all those beautiful memories we associate with a certain trip without buying another fun hat, plastic statue or magnet for the fridge. So for my recent trip to Hong Kong, I thought it would be an excellent idea to visit one of the city´s last hand-painted ceramics stores. And guess what? I returned with more than one piece …

Finally back in the air again …

It´s been quite a while since I have last posted on here. But trust me, there are many, many gorgeous memories to share with you in the upcoming weeks of all the amazing places I got to visit on my recent vacation trips. But before I get more into detail about those, let´s concentrate on my first work itinerary after being a month off of the airline business.

Having come back to Hong Kong after almost three months of absence, I was actually in the mood to start things slowly. So therefore, I had packed my swimsuit and the will to finally work on the blog again while relaxing on the hotel´s rooftop terrace. Yet, I did not truly recognize that the latest typhoon had actually caused severe damage to many of the buildings right on the shorelines and that the swimming pool area had still been closed due to reconstructions.

Signs of destruction after the latest Typhoon in Hong Kong

With my plans shattered, I had to come up with something new to keep me entertained. And this is how I landed with authentic Chinese porcelain.

My partner had actually asked me to look for bigger soup bowls whenever I had the time some time ago, so I thought this was the perfect moment to finally do so. Doing a bit of research, I was looking for something authentic and rather traditional and I finally ended up with Yuet Tung China Works all the way in the East of Kowloon. This shop sounded extremely promising as it was described to sell truly hand-painted ceramics of any kind.

The store hides on the third level of this industrial building

And it did not disappoint! Located just a few blocks away from Kowloon Bay metro station (Kwun Tong Line), the shop is located on the third floor of the Kowloon Bay Industrial Center and is literally stuffed with any kind of porcelain that you can dream of. From tiny pieces up to enormous vases, there is something for every taste and budget. Just be aware that you will NOT be able to buy an entire dinnerware set here for little money! It might appear a bit like a second-hand reseller, but most of the pieces are hand-painted until today (you can even watch some of the workers inside) and that comes at a certain price.

From 6€ to 6,000€, it is all in. I was astonished when I first entered through the open door to step into a cavern of tiling plates and cups, towering above my head. Some of them telling stories from long ago, some displaying modern designs and patterns. And somewhere in between, my future soup bowls for home.


I actually spent more than three hours going through some of the piles to find one piece more beautiful than the other. And it actually took 15 pieces before I finally found the bowls that my heart was beating for. So with a bill a bit higher than planned (I did eventually JUST came for two soup bowls, right?), I happily left into the bright afternoon sun with a smile on my face and two bags perfectly wrapped up for transportation.

And while bargaining is normally a well-practiced habit when doing business in Hong Kong, Yuet Tung is a place where negotiating a price is more in the hands of the shop owners. Yet I truly felt that each piece which I had thoughtfully selected to my personal collection was well worth the price paid without leaving me with the feeling of having been ripped off.

Finding your personal favorite is like looking for the pin in the haystack!

Once I left, I could not wait to cook a Chinese dinner with my love to enjoy them from these wonderful memories of my Golden October trip to Hong Kong. Simply beautiful!


Yuet Tung China Works

Wang Hoi Road 15, Kowloon Bay Industrial Center
Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
3rd Floor, Unit 3



My harvest after three hours of thoroughly searching …



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