Charlotte |Mint Uptown Museum – Contemporary American Art

With the sun shining high on a beautiful North Carolina summer day, I thought it was just the perfect time to check out the beautiful collection inside the sleek and stylish Mint Uptown… .

After almost six months of working exclusively on the A380, it came as a highly appreciated change to finally be able to fly a different route than Hong Kong, Beijing or Los Angeles. Having had originally a domestic rotation with layover in Stockholm, I was able to exchange the pattern with a one-nighter to beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina.

Charlotte skyline seen from Marshall Park

Having not been for almost an entire year, more than time to catch up with one of my favorite gyms and breakfast spots.

So after sleeping in after a hard-working flight, I took a long, intense yet relaxing workout at the YMCA right next to the hotel. A refreshing shower afterwards and my growling stomach made me eventually find my way into Amélie´s French Bakery & Café on College Street. They serve wonderful cappuccino and great sandwiches and croissants, so just the perfect place to regain strength and to begin this wonderful day without a rush.

Amélie´s, my downtown hotspot

As downtown Charlotte is pretty easy to be explored by foot (which I have done various times already), this time I decided for a little bit of culture.  And two major museums lie just a few blocks away from the hotel: The Mint Uptown and the Bechtler Museum for Modern Art.

I decided for the Mint this time as I was really interested in its Arts and Crafts collection on display including furniture, tapestry and ceramics. Proved to be the perfect place to spend two to three hours with a wonderful combination of delightful architecture and marvelous craftsmanship.


Admission is 15 US$ and also includes the entry to the second location on Randolph Road.

Personally, I liked the Crafts and Design collection the most, particularly the furnitures and glass works. But the entire exhibition is well worth visiting and the fifteen dollars well spend! Definitely do not miss the Museum shop which I personally find one of the best museums shops in the U.S.!


As always, I have captured my absolute favorite pieces and views for this post, so enjoy browsing through the snapshots and get inspired to explore them yourself when visiting the beautiful city of Charlotte.

For more information on opening hours, exhibitions and more visit the Mint Uptown´s website.


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