Hong Kong | Hung Hom – An East Kowloon Jewel

It was one of the most anticipated crew hotel changes in history: The move from our luxurious retreat in Wan Chai to the rather quiet and off-the-beat East Kowloon location called Hung Hom, far off the hustle and bustle and nightlife of Hong Kong Island. A lot of my colleagues literally fell into deep depression after the announcement, but for someone like me, who had always been on the hunt for daylight activities rather than partying the night away, the change came as a welcoming transformation.

Living the life in Hung Hom

And now, a few months later, the majority has widely accepted the new site. As it unfolded that Hung Hom was not so much off the track as some people thought it was. And the neighborhood offered by far a bit more than just a quiet residential surrounding. Let me introduce to you one of Kowloon´s best kept secrets when it comes to authentic Hong Kong living and some of my favorite spots and things to do around.


Aqualuna Hung Hom Public Pier


She is probably the most recognized symbol on high gloss Hong Kong skyline snapshots, the little Chinese junk with the red sails. Offering high priced harbor cruises for tourists, Aqualuna sails up and down the Aqualuna Hung Hom Public Pier during the early evening hours before beginning her tours every day. For your perfect memory shots!


Hung Hom Ferry Pier


For most people, riding the Star Ferry between Tsim Sha Tsui and Wan Chai or Central is one of their highlights when visiting Hong Kong, but the First Ferry connection between Hung Hom and North Point is just as impressive and fun to experience with almost the same skyline view. The boats operate a bit less frequent than their competition, but the schedule can be easily checked here.


Hung Hom Foodie


One thing that you will notice when walking the streets of Hung Hom is the fact that you will not have to leave hungry. There are plenty of bars, restaurants and cafés around offering a wide array of cuisines, suitable for every taste. Wherever it is classic Chinese styles such as Cantonese, Hainan or Szechuan or international tastes. Whatever you are looking for, you will most likely find it in Hung Hom. Some of my personal favorites are the Japanese bakery A1 Chârteraisé for those delicious breakfast red bean buns or the cheesecake soufflé rolls. For delicious Chinese cuisine, I love to eat at Mid-Dynasty Restaurant or inside the Deli Place and if you are seeking that clean and healthy eating, make sure to pay visit to the SP Flower & Tea Room. And for those seeking gastronomic independence, a huge supermarket with take-away options is located just underneath the unusual ship construction Aeon Style opposite of Whampoa station and the Dockyard Food Market above the Starbucks at the elegant Kerry Hotel features many different styles in a hip and public venue.


Hung Hom Market


Dive into the lively atmosphere of Hung Hom Market and poke around the many different little shops, in and outside the building, that sell everything from dried chicken feet to fresh fruit and handmade Chinese noodles.


Hung Hom Promenade Fishermen


No matter what kind of weather, you will always find brave individuals to hunt for fish along the Hung Hom promenade. I love watching them from one of the many benches along the walkway and enjoy parallel the view over Victoria Harbor.


Hung Hom Promenade Morning Jog


Nothing more revitalizing than to start the day with a decent run. The three kilometers one-way itinerary between Laguna Mall and the end of Tsim Sha Tsui promenade is the perfect place for a little morning exercise and with the most distracting skyline views. A must for me on every day when in Hong Kong!


Hutchison Park


Hutchison Park lies in the heart of Hung Hom and is a popular retreat for the locals during the day. You can either sit back and listen to the birds or watch the little turtles inside the artificial lake. It also features a small jogging track and a few outdoor fitness machines.


Kwun Yam Temple

Kwun Yam Temple

Like mentioned in my previous post already, Kwun Yam is one of my favorite temples in whole Hong Kong. It is particularly pretty from the in and the outside and a wonderful architectural surprise when visiting Hung Hom.


Victoria Harbor Swimmers

Copyright C.Y. Yu

Even though Hung Hom offers a large public swimming pool called Tai Wan Shan, most of the elderly Hung Hom residents prefer to take their morning swim inside Victoria Harbor just in front of the pool. It is so much fun to watch them swim their rounds in the early morning hours. And if you are lucky, you might even see the old lady with her Chihuahua wearing a life vest on top of a surfboard.


Wonderful World of Whampoa


Probably one of Hong Kong´s weirdest and most extraordinary shopping malls has a large yacht construction right in the middle of it. Over 300 shops are situated on the street level or underneath. It is so much fun to explore and easy to reach. Simply take the MTR until Whampoa station.


And as always, I have a few back street snapshots from Hung Hom along. Apart from these fun things to explore, the neighborhood is also fantastic to stroll around for some amazing and authentic Hong Kong street photography…. Enjoy!


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