Garmisch-Partenkirchen | Weisswurst Breakfast with a View (until September 2018)

One mandatory tradition that everyone has to go through when visiting Bavaria is the custom Weisswurst breakfast. A long-time Bavarian habit that is still kept indispensable in modern times and which is part of the typical laid-back Bavarian culture. And where could this be more exciting and relaxing than in a cable car gondola on the way up the mountain?


The thing I love about having friends from abroad over for a few days is the fact that you actually plan trips and excursions that are a bit out of the ordinary, but typical for the area where you live. So when Alma and Olle (names changed 🙂 ) from Sweden graced us with their visit last week, it was self-explaining that we would have to visit a castle and take one trip into the mountains for sure.

So while Friday was mainly passed by with shopping, having lunch, meeting other friends and finishing with a visit to Nymphenburg castle, Saturday morning meant an early rise and hitting the roads towards the Alps.


I had gotten a rental car from one of my favorite rental car companies Sixt and after picking up Chris, who originally had the idea, we found ourselves flying towards Garmisch on the autobahn.

We had been tremendously lucky with the weather. Instead of blurred skies and drizzle, the sun was literally shining on us from a perfect blue sky while we made our way without traffic to Garmisch in just about one hour and twenty minutes.


The Eckbauerbahn valley station lies right next to the old Olympic stadium that was used during the 1936 Winter Games, a few years before World War II broke out.

The ski jumps and the layout of the stadium and the surrounding building highly reflect the typical architecture that was highly popular during the Hitler regime, so this excursion does actually have a bit of history as well.


The Weisswurst breakfast will actually be discontinued after September 2018, but just in case that you will make it here before, it is very important to place a reservation 48 hours in advance via the website or by phone (contact details can be found on the website that I have linked two paragraphs above).

The charge for this is 24 Euros per person and it includes two sausages, one soft drink or beer and a little schnaps per person. The return ticket (which can also be used on a second cable car) is also included in the fare. So in other words, quite a good deal!


Everything is served on real porcelain and ready to be enjoyed during the fifteen minutes ride up the mountain, the most beautiful views included.

It is also a highly romantic experience for couples as each gondola only fits two people facing each other, so perfect for honeymooners or couples who simply enjoy their togetherness.


The thing that astonished me the most (apart from the gorgeous vistas) was the silence around.

The only sound to be heard was the tweeting birds and the monotonous humming of the cable car itself while we were elevated to 1240 meters above sea level. All around us fresh mountain air and nothing but nature. What a wonderful experience!


On the top, we did not get that far from the cable car station. Next stop was the terrace of the Berggasthof Eckbauer, the perfect place to enjoy a fresh buttermilk or an Almdudler herbal lemonade.

A little bit later, there were dark clouds slowly reaching over the mountain tops around, so we decided it was time to take the descent towards the Graseck cable car, which we wanted to use to get down into the valley again.


The winding path leads almost all the way through an enchanted forest. It was quite steep at some point though and I would highly recommend to you to wear proper shoes!

As the weather can be quite unstable in the mountains, it is also a good idea to pack a windbreaker and/or a rain cape if it happens to rain all of a sudden.


From cable car station to cable car station it takes approximately 45 minutes, but if you feel worn out and want to take a snack before heading down into the valley again, you can feast on a delicious Kaiserschmarrn!

Down on the ground, it is another 40 minutes back to the car park next to the Olympic stadium where the trip began earlier.


This was such a fun thing to do and even though it actually did rain in between (thank god we had already reached Graseck), we were able to find some shelter while enjoying a sweet and delicious snack.

So, like mentioned before, the breakfast service will be discontinued from September 2018 on, but you could still pack our own food and have it while riding up the mountain, can´t you?


It was a beautiful excursion that we all enjoyed very much and I can highly recommend it for everyone planning his/her visit to my beautiful Bavaria. I know this was not my last time… .


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