Hong Kong | Park Escape in Kowloon

Hong Kong is a city that never sleeps. So it can be quite a good idea to know a few retreat spaces from all the stress and hustle and bustle of one of the world´s most dynamic urban spaces. And the good thing: You will not have to leave the city borders.

Avenue of the Stars


It might not be the calmest and most peaceful public area in Kowloon, but the view onto Wan Chai and Central with its glittering and impressive skyline is simply breathtaking! During lunch hour, you may find a wide selection of food trucks around to quench your thirst from and enjoy a small bite while loosing your sight in the perfect moment.



Hung Hom & Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade


If you like to take longer walks, you will definitely savor the views and vistas you can enjoy from these two waterfront promenades connecting Tsim Sha Tsui ferry terminal with the Whampoa Garden district. I would not call this a classic public park, but the walkway features benches to rest on, marvelous panoramic views along the harbor shores and neatly arranged flower beds and meadows on the side. One of my favorite things in the afternoon is to sit on one of the benches and watch the locals fish.

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Kowloon Park


This 33 acres heavenly retreat lies only a few minutes by foot from the busy Tsim Sha Tsui ferry terminal in Kowloon and is a popular social meeting spot for locals and visitors likewise. It was opened back in 1970 and offers a wide range of different sections including an aviary, a Rose garden, sporting and swimming facilities as well as small trails to walk around on. It can get quite busy on weekends, but during the week the park is a wonderful escape from the sounds and noises of the pulsating Kowloon district.

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Signal Hill Garden


Also referred to as Blackhead Point, this small uphill park offers a beautiful view over Victoria Harbour from the top level. It is nestled in-between a densely populated neighborhood right across the luxurious Rosewood hotel and can easily be overseen when walking past.  A well-kept secret once you are seeking a bit of privacy away from the masses.

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2 thoughts on “Hong Kong | Park Escape in Kowloon

  1. Thank you for the helpful information. I am very happy and grateful that you shared this with us. Thanks for sharing and please keep us informed with new information when possible.

    1. Hello Joya, I am glad you enjoyed my post. I am currently in Beijing exploring the beautiful Summer Palace. Post will come up within the next week. Cheerio and thank you for your compliment!!!


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