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She is one of the most legendary and luxurious sailing yachts in the world. And by far, MSY Sea Cloud 2 makes your jaws drop wherever this magnificent beauty appears. Even if not carrying full sails, her sleek and elegant appearance is an eye-catcher in any port. And once you will know what is waiting inside, you will understand that fairy-tale wishes do come true when sailing the seven seas.

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Taking a cruise on a real sailing yacht is one of my most anticipated dreams since I have started traveling the seven seas. And even if there are quite a number of ultra-luxury sailing yachts in any size to choose from these days, none of them do enjoy the reputation and grace that the two “White Swans”, Sea Cloud and her slightly larger sister Sea Cloud 2, are blessed with.

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Both of the elegant yachts impersonate the dream of the adventure of sailing in the utmost luxury possible. While at the same time being closest to the sea and experiencing the powerful element as intense as possible. In the most authentic way: When sailing. What else could be more romantic?

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But going through catalogues and looking at high gloss pictures is just not the same thing. So how could I possibly say “No” when I finally got the chance to visit Sea Cloud 2 in the port of Hamburg, after she had returned from a cruise to the Baltic. Most of the guests had disembarked here, and while the crew did everything to get that beautiful lady ready for the next journey, I was lucky enough to be able to explore one of the most gorgeous luxury yachts in the world.

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Most impressively are the technical facts about the yacht. Compared to all the ships that I have been on so far, she is so small that I literally had difficulties finding her in the port among all the other smaller ships. With only four decks and a total length of 117 meters, the only way you can identify Sea Cloud 2 from far away is by her three massive masts. The tallest one towers up to 57 meters above the open decks.

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While most of her sailing is powered by the altogether 23 sails (that makes 3,000 square meters of sail area!), she can alternatively run on engines if facing a calm at sea. A maximum of 94 passengers can be accommodated in altogether 47 outside cabins. These divide into 29 luxurious exterior staterooms, 16 exclusive Junior Suites and two sublime Owner´s Suites. I will show you every category available during the tour, but first, let us step onboard and visit the Spa and Fitness Center.


Located on the lowest deck, also referred to as Cabin Deck, the small Spa consists of a single treatment room, a changing room and a Finnish sauna. Even if tiny compared to modern wellness temples that you find aboard the large resort ships, I was actually quite surprised how neatly the area was done and for the size of Sea Cloud 2, I actually found it well proportioned.

If you are like me and you do enjoy a workout in a cruise ship gym just the way you expect it to be at home, well, you will have to compromise! Choice inside the Fitness Center is limited, but at least you can keep your cardiovascular fitness up.


And for those being used to work with free weights, there is a little selection available. I love the sea view through the porthole windows and the maritime style to it though. Absolutely tasteful and sufficient if you are worried to gain a few pounds.

Apparently, the ship even has a little onboard hospital which I was astonished to see. So no worries if you happen to become sea-sick during the journey.


Extremely elegant: The corridors leading towards the cabins. Looking at this picture, I instantly get associations with Titanic, don´t you think? I know I would love to walk down these aisles to retreat to my little sanctuary here in the evening.


The “standard” cabin category aboard Sea Cloud 2 is called Category F. These staterooms lie all the way up front of Cabin Deck and are held in a traditional windjammer style with one upper and one lower bed.

Outside Cat F.5
Outside Category F

They measure around 17 square meters including the bathroom and feature inter alia  two portholes, a chair and small table, TV with DVD player, mini-bar, dressing table, closet, safe and the adjustable air conditioning.

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The deluxe double-bed cabins of Category E can also be found on the Cabin Deck. They are a bit larger with around 22 to 23 square meters and differ mostly from Category F by the Queen size bed which may be separated to two single beds.

Deluxe Cat E.12
Deluxe Category E

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The double bed cabins of Category D are situated midships on the Cabin Deck and offer even more space than the already spacious Category E staterooms.

Deluxe Cat D.2
Deluxe Category D

They have a slightly larger layout of 24 square meters and are equipped with three portholes as well as two chairs with table. So seating is a bit more comfortable and spacious.

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Let´s head up to the Promenade Deck. I simply loved the maritime elegance of the midship staircase and all the tiny details around. The wood-paneled walls were all decorated with careful selected paintings which fitted perfectly into the windjammer ambiance.


This is also where the Reception is located, the beating heart of the ship. Offering all the services that you would expect from a luxury yacht like private excursions or any other inquiries that the guests may have.


The view down the hallway on Promenade Deck.


At the very end (all the way to the front of the yacht) you will find two deluxe staterooms of Category C. They have panoramic windows, but other than the port-hole cabins with direct sea view, these face the metal-sheathed promenade.

Deluxe Cat C.4
Deluxe Category C

Above that, they belong particularly to my favorite cabins aboard because of their around-the-corner layout. This truly adds a specific coziness and homeliness, yet I suspect them to actually be quite keen of hearing the sounds of the breakwater from the bow. They have at least 23 square meters of living space as well as a dedicated vanity and sitting area.

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This is actually what the promenade looks like. I can only surmise that this alleyway may be frequented equally during the whole day by passengers and crew.

On Deck.16

The next category available are the Junior Suites which complement the cabin offering on the Promenade Deck. They measure between 24 and 26 square meters and feature a walk-in closet, a bathroom with bathtub, a decorative fireplace with seating area and a dressing table.

Junior Suite.5
Junior Suite

Interesting to know at this point are the included services that every guest aboard Sea Cloud 2 can look forward to. Like the complimentary bottle of welcome champagne in every stateroom upon embarkation as well as the traditional welcome and farewell cocktail event with champagne.

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Lunch and dinner are complemented by wines and beers and all fresh juices, sodas or soft drinks, as well as alcohol-free coffee specialities and teas are already included in the fare. In all categories. This also includes bottled water on excursions and a daily replenished fresh fruit basket in the stateroom to one´s likings. Sea Cloud guests also enjoy complimentary use of the watersports equipment and snorkeling gears as well as sending free emails from the onboard computer in the library.


No wish remains unfulfilled, I guess. No wonder, 65 crew members do everything they can to ensure that all 94 guests enjoy the vacation of their lifetime. Just think about it, that is an average ratio of 1,44 guests per crew member. This is what true luxury is all about!

The onboard Boutique connects to the cabins towards the rear of Sea Cloud 2. This is where guests can purchase items of daily needs or branded fashion.


Right adjacent and offering almost a 180 degrees panoramic view through the large picture windows is the elegant Restaurant. This is where passengers are treated to exquisite cuisine in a maritime atmosphere.

Next stop is the Lido Deck.

On Deck.27

This is the main working area of the crew and access to passengers to the bow is limited.

On Deck.30

This would be one of my favorite spots on deck. Sitting in one of the deck chairs and reading a book while watching the crew rushing around and the ship sailing towards the horizon.


Just through the wooden doors you will find the cozy Library. Tons of beautiful picture books about travel, ships and sailing invite to retreat here for a little bit while the storm is howling outside. Or maybe challenge one of the fellow travelers to a game of cards? Maybe you want to have a look into the guest book that every passenger can leave a personal inscription in. You might be surprised who has already sailed on this floating luxury yacht!

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Windjammer romance on the Lido Deck.

On Deck.39

On Deck.32

Sea Cloud 2´s most exclusive accommodations, the two Owner´s Suites, are also located on the Lido Deck. They enclose right behind the library and offer the utmost in luxury and decadence.

Owner´s Suite 401.9
Owner´s Suite 401

Suite 401 lies on the starboard side. It is held in green and reddish tones with an extravagant  canopy bed throwning in the center. Like the junior suites, the two owner suites include a beautiful sitting area around the decorative fireplace and a large marble bathroom with bathtub.

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Both suites mostly differ from each other by the color scheme. In Suite 402, a warm orange is the dominating tone. Other than that, this suite is arranged towards the port side of the yacht. My personal favorite would definitely be No. 402, what do you think?

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For socializing during the day and in the evenings, the Lounge on Lido Deck is a tasteful and elegant space to meet and mingle or to simply kick back with a glass of excellent whisky while listening to the piano player. This place is also used for entertainment and lecture purposes or informative evenings hosted by the crew.

The rear part of the Lido Deck is allocated to the Lido Bar and a generous outdoor deck, which can be used for sun loungers as well as al fresco dining.

On Deck.12

A wonderful thing as the crew can build up a weather proof tent to enable the chefs to serve breakfast, lunch or dinner outside.

On Deck.11

The Sun Deck, which also is the last deck, is home to the navigational bridge, the Captain´s cabin and, as the name implies, more sun loungers and day beds to retreat to.

On Deck.25

This might be a bit better protected from the wind and you can enjoy wonderful views from up here.

On Deck.20

I can only imagine how much fun it must be to lie there on the blue padded day beds with the eyes in the sky, watching the sailors climb up and down the masts. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

On Deck.26

Now that am putting together the ship portrait, it is actually quite funny to see that I have more pictures to share with you about this tiny little ship than I did about Royal Princess, which I had published before this one.

On Deck.17

But to be honest, I found Sea Cloud 2 so absolutely special and extraordinary that I did not want you to miss one spot and one image that I had taken during the few hours that I was allowed to spend on board.

On Deck.7

It had been such a privilege to me and I was truly heartbroken when I had to leave the ship again. What an amazing adventure and experience this must be to travel the world, don´t you think? And one day, that I promised myself, I will save enough money to do this, too. Because I want to feel what it is like to sail the Oceans in homely decadence like onboard Sea Cloud 2…..

And for all you romancers out there: Why not thinking about getting married here? For more information about this and all about Sea Cloud Cruises, here is the link to their website! Keep dreaming! I know I will.

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