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I am sure there are most definitely more hip and trendy bars and restaurants around when you check the lifestyle scene for drinks and food recommendations in Cape Town, but being not so much a follower of what is hot and what is not in terms of places to dine or to be seen at, I like to stick with some familiar spots that have just proven to deliver constant quality over the years.

So here are my faves that I would not like to miss when layovering in the area:




The time when Beluga was one of these not to be missed dining options for the jet set crowds are a bit over. But that is not necessarily a bad thing, since it is not too difficult to get a table here. While in the past it was always overcrowded and it sometimes became quite strenuous to have a decent conversation without yelling at each other, these days it is a much calmer environment. The kitchen is still on a high level being particularly strong in game and desserts. While my oysters were nothing to drag about, the ostrich was prepared to perfection.




You could call it the “Café del Mar” of Clifton! Bungalow is an ocean side bar/restaurant with ambient music and absolutely breathtaking views of the massive mountains of Table Mountain National Park. It is my favorite spot to take a sundowner and no Cape Town layover would be complete for me without going. If you are not in the mood for an alcoholic beverage, try the “Yogi” virgin cocktail made of fresh papaya, banana, plain yogurt and coconut milk! A wonderful smoothie with NO sugar rush!

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Folk Cafe


Yes I am sure that there are tons of cooler or nicer coffee places around. But Folk is my hangout after having taken a nap on arrival´s day. The coffee here is outstanding and the best help I can get in order to return to the living again. It is strong, rich in flavor and just perfect if you need to reload your batteries again!


Hussar Grill Camps Bay

#Cape Town Februar 16 – 19

I simply LOVE the Hussar Grills! Even though it is a franchise company, I find them to serve some of the best steaks at absolutely reasonable prices around. The Camps Bay location is due to its small size the more romantic one, but at the same time it is more difficult to get a table. Service is always hearty and the seafood should also not be missed!

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Hussar Grill Mouille Point


This is the larger branch of the two and some tables offer ocean views. It sells out just as quick as the location in Camps Bay, so early reservations are inescapable. The food is just as perfect and if you are keen, I very much recommend their 1 kg T-bone steak. I prefer it without a sauce as it already comes with a very smokey roast to it, and the meat is so tender that you will literally die for it (prepare for a sleepless night afterwards …). Along, take a bottle of the “La Motte” Sauvignon Blanc! Heaven. And try to get a table with server Tandy. She is the most adorable and speaks out the best recommendations.

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Nelson´s Eye

#Cape Town Februar 16 – 07

I have to admit, I was not a fan from the very first moment of Nelson´s Eye, but after I gave it a second chance (going in smaller groups adds to a much better experience than in a large one), I was positively surprised. The restaurant claims to serve the best steaks in town, and they truly are not bad, but to me it is rather the atmosphere and the owner with his wife that make this place a very entertaining location to head for dinner to. Compared to the ambiance and atmosphere, I find the prices a bit over the top compared with restaurants such as the Hussar Grill, for instance. But still a nice place to satisfy your hunger for meat once in awhile.

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