San Francisco | AAM – Asian Art Museum

Another place in San Francisco that is not only a pleasure to visit in terms of Beaux Art architecture is the Asian Art Museum, just across the street from City Hall. Over 2,000 collectibles from all the major cultures of Asia take you on a magical journey through history, lifestyle and arts of each individual heritage. And until 4 February 2018, dive into extraordinary Korean fashion inspiration in the special exhibition “Couture Korea”.


Since I just had to cross the street after my tour of the city hall and the weather was not too comforting anyways, I spontaneously decided for a bit of culture and a warm Ramen soup inside the museum´s Cafe Asia afterwards.


As fashion has always been a hobby of mine, I was delighted to experience the museum´s current special exhibition called “Couture Korea” which displays some monumental pieces of contemporary and historic clothes.

A beautifully arranged display set up in a minimalistic and clean environment, that truly emphasizes the elegant and highly detailed style that Korean culture brings with it. It is not a huge collection, but the pieces on display are outrageously gorgeous and each one an artwork for itself.


It is a mixture of precise reconstructions based on archival records of exquisite craftsmanship, signature silhouettes and bold aesthetics of clothing from the Joseon dynasty (1392–1910), an inspiring Haute Couture collection by Karl Lagerfeld created for Chanel in 2015/16 and an insight in the reinterpretation of Korean fashion for the 21st century by Seoul based designers Seonoc and Jung Misun.

As you can see from my favorite snapshots, a very diverse collection with different approaches and styles which should not be missed by anyone interested in design and fashion.


But apart from that, the building itself is quite a sight to discover. Particularly the main staircase in the center right behind the ticket counters on the street level.



Furthermore, there are two levels filled with fine craftsmanship from all over Asia. Wherever it is China, the Himalayas, India, Japan, Korea, Persia or Southeast Asia, you will be astonished by fine details and opulence of each individual culture.

I have included here my personal highlights from the visit, otherwise, the amount of pictures would have instantly taken up the entire memory of my blog :). If I was to name my absolutely favorite sections …



… it would definitely be the South Asian one …


… as well as the Himalayan …


… of course the Indian ….


… and the Persian collection of daggers.


A wonderful place to spend a few hours surrounded by so much beauty and history and the cafe offers a wide selection of Asian favorites. And maybe you will even find a nice souvenir inside the gorgeous museum store?

200 Larkin St
San Francisco, CA 94102

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