Munich | Art & Antiques 2017

We all love museums. But isn´t it sometimes frustrating that all that you can take home with you  from the visit is either an overpriced picture postcard or simply your memories? Well, at the Kunst & Antiquitätenmesse (Art & Antiques) in Munich you can not only marvel at extraordinary contemporary and antique art and furnitures, you can actually do take it home. If you wanted to.


The exhibition is not a trade fair in the original sense, it is more a real life showcase of outstanding hand-crafted furnishings and equipment that will upgrade any home and for every budget.

Exhibition Manager Andreas Ramer (left hand) and Maximilian Lerch (exhibitor) with the press

A wide range of German antiques dealers exhibit their individual collections ranging from jewelry to Art Deco furnishings, paintings and photography to extremely unique Asian handicrafts from Tibet and the Himalayan or exclusive silver ware. It is equally appealing to long-time collectors or people like me, who simply enjoy the beauty and worth of historic artifacts that all have their own story and that must be preserved.

Fine collectables for every budget from different epochs

And once you have found your personal highlight, you could actually purchase it and take it home. Just as easy as that.

When you are looking for something off the mainstream

Of course, antiques do have their price. Some of the more exceptional pieces sell at unbelievable 135,000€. Like the single copy Tiger shaped wall carpet from Tibet available from Max & Maximilian Lerch, a Munich based family operated business that specializes in fine carpets and their treatment. The carpet is believed to be hand-knitted for the Dalai Lama and dates back to early 1800.

Maximilian Lerch giving insight into the one-of-a-kind tiger tapestry

Another stand that I personally found extremely interesting belongs to Uwe Marbs from Baden-Baden. He specializes in doing up Art Deco originals in a more contemporary way while still obtaining the original style. Each refurbished object is delivered with the original certified copy, from chairs to sofas, tables and lamps. Wonderful timeless elegance!

Uwe Marbs presents his refurbished French Art Deco collection

I found some extraordinary vases and cassettes of Eastern Mediterranean and Central Asian heritage at the stand of Nahim Rafiq, a graduate engineer who discovered his passion for antiques at the age of 14.

Or maybe you get a little bit more excited by the impressive hand carved front door portal that stands out at the stand of Peter Hardt, galerist from Radevormwald.

A statement entry found at Peter Hardt

The entire location is so full of outstanding artwork and gems that I cannot think of anything comparable that lets you truly experience history and style real life without being all locked away behind bulletproof glass. It was such an inspiration to actually be able to talk to the galerists and exhibitors that know the stories behind each single  of their own artifacts. An absolute enlightening adventure and so much more rewarding than simply visiting a museum!

Appealing to every generation. The Kunst & Antiquitäten also features a wonderful collection of modern art and photography

So pack up for a weekend trip to Munich and make sure to visit Kunst & Antiquitäten for your very own exclusive souvenir! Wherever you want to spend 100€ or 135,000€, it is worth the visit even if only coming for the visual inspiration. Absolutely recommendable and not to be missed even on a bright Autumn day!

Karl-Jürgen Schlotter carries you off to magical Tibet

The 96th Kunst & Antiquitäten München is hosted inside the Postpalast from 21 to 29 October 2017 and is open daily from 11am until 7pm. Admission costs 9€ pp.

To spark your interest, here are a few more of my favorite snapshots!

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