Rofan Mountain | Nature Escape to Tirol

Sometimes, when things get too much around you, it is always a good idea to retreat to a place where your body and soul can get some rest. And what comes handier than some good old mountain time?

Spontaneous trips are often the best trips. This is what we thought when my partner´s best friend Chris came up with the idea to spend one of the upcoming golden days of Fall in the Brandenberger Alps, just about 1 hour and 45 minutes south of Munich.


The scenic drive down there is already a feast for the eyes and it is also very manageable as a day trip if you happen to spend a few days in my hometown. Of course, excursions like this one ask for a bit of a tribute. So when I first opened my eyes at 6:30 am on a day off, I spontaneously called myself a freak to get up as early as this. But once the first coffee was flowing down my throat, I was already excited to spend some quality time with my man and good friends on a day that had been forecasted as picture perfect.


And one thing you should do on a to be expected fabulous day when intending to head towards the mountains is to be on the road early!

Chris picked us up at eight o´clock and only a little bit later we fetched her friend Sue. The drive south went by pretty seamless and with much less traffic than we had expected. It truly is a wonderful journey towards the valley station of the Rofan Seilbahn AG at the foot of the Rofan Mountain.


The trees were already colored in bright yellow, orange and red shades and the green meadows glowed in the bright morning sunlight. There was not even one cloud in the bright blue sky and the mountain chain stood sharp and imposing against the horizon, some of them still (or already) carrying snow at this time of year.


It was early noon when we parked the car and took the cable car up. The upper station is not completely on the summit, but it towers majestically 1,840 meters above sea level and the gorgeous Achensee underneath. The view from up here was simply astonishing! Before doing anything else, we called in at the Erfurter Hütte for a hearty late breakfast on its outdoor terrace and a tasty Austrian beer.

While the food was ok to good, it was definitely for the view that I would recommend this one above the other restaurants around. The aerial panorama is simply unbeatable.



The location is also the starting point for various mountain trails up and down. You can head up to the summit of Rofan Mountain or climb up to the so-called Adlerhorst, a 360 degree observation platform with unlimited vistas over Lake Achensee, Karwendel Mountains, Zillertaler Alps and the Inn Valley. Or you fly like an eagle and experience pure adrenaline rush on the sky glider Airrofan at 80 km/h down the mountain? That thing really looked like fun, but personally I found the 10,50€ p.p. quite an expensive one minute-adventure.

We actually did nothing of this. Chris planted herself with the newspaper on one of the wooden benches in the sun while Sue and I hiked down towards the small lake. After slowly climbing up the steep Alm a bit later, I realized that my body was not yet fit for strenuous stuff like this. But that did not impair with our good mood! The air was so crisp and fresh and the sun had actually so much power up here that you could literally tan on one of the meadows while you could enjoy the absolute silence up here and watch the planes pass by in high altitudes, painting the blue sky with their white contrails.


So peaceful. It seemed like we were in another world. Far away from all the bad news that suffocate you sometimes.

Around 2 pm we decided to head back down and slowly begin our return towards Munich. If you do this trip and you have a car, definitely take the chance and drive back past Lake Starnberg. This is a gorgeous scenic drive and you can also make a halt at Naturkäserei Tegernseerland which sells traditionally handmade local cheeses produced of hay milk and for coffee lovers like me, the Erste Tegernseer Kaffeerösterei is the perfect place for some extraordinary coffees to be enjoyed either at home or straight away!


I felt simply delighted when we returned home a few hours later. Like coming back from a one week holiday. Chris, when are you taking us on the next exploration????



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