New York | Six Highlights of Brooklyn Heights

The Big Apple is spectacular in every season. But on a beautiful Fall day with the sun standing low and diving the entire skyline into a deep golden light, New York gets me every single time.


After a strenuous flight over to JFK airport and a seemingly never-ending ride on the bus afterwards towards the hotel in Brooklyn Heights, I could not dare for more that evening than visiting one of my favorite organic supermarkets and spending the rest of the evening cuddled up with my super foods in the cozy linens of my hotel bed.


Having been a little exhausted from the previous weeks and feeling a bit low-energy, the best I could do was to head to bed early and get a good amount of sleep.


The next morning felt already so much better. A quick workout at the gym and I was ready and powered up for the day. But instead of heading over to Manhattan, I decided spontaneously for a rather relaxed forenoon on what a lot of people in NYC still call “the wrong side of the East River”: Brooklyn Heights.

To many residents, the “new Manhattan” already is a hip and trendy hotspot, but most tourists still prefer to walk the endless and noisy avenues of the island of Manhattan. Shall they. But it really is worth it taking either the subway over or crossing in style on the good ole Brooklyn Bridge to find cute little side streets filled with art galleries, cafés, restaurants and bars and tons shopping.

One of my favorite spots is actually the Brooklyn Heights Promenade from where you have a most excellent view onto Lower Manhattan and Wall Street. This is a place that I often hang out at to just sit on one of the benches and watch the people taking their dogs for a walk or run some errands.

It is also fun to walk the residential area between State and Poplar Street. You would be surprised how many elegant city houses line up under old trees in this picturesque neighborhood. I would not be surprised if Sarah Jessica Parker would suddenly sit on the stairs of one of these gorgeous city mansions.

Close to the Harry Chapin Playground, you can take the Squibb Park Pedestrian Bridge down to the Brooklyn Bridge Park. From the edge of Pier 1, right where the ferries depart for Manhattan, stand face-to-face with one of the most impressive skylines in the whole world. Almost underneath the Brooklyn Bridge.

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge or at least walking it partly is something I will never get tired of. And it is the most classic way to do it by feet. You can either start at its very end right at the Pedestrian Entrance at the corner of Tillary Street and Adams Street, or you skip a bit and take up the small staircase underneath the roadway on Washington Street. Whatever time of day or weather condition you may find, this pass-time is a New York City must and gorgeous every single time. Just be cautious when taking photos! The promenade is narrow and the Big Apple cyclists are lawsuits to happen…

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Another highlight for photographers and selfie junkies from around the world is the iconic view from Washington Street onto the massive bridge abutment of the Manhattan Bridge. This is a scenic view you should not miss in your collection!

Just around the corner, check out the old red brick warehouses along Water Street which today house an array of shops, galleries and cool cafés.


You see, there is tons of stuff to see and to explore in Brooklyn Heights. And these are only a few suggestions from my side. But pssssst, don´t tell everyone! Happy exploring, peeps!


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