Los Angeles | Intercontinental Downtown

It´s new. It´s sleek and it currently has the highest outdoor bar in the Western hemisphere. But apart from that, the Intercontinental Downtown Los Angeles promises a deluxe hotel stay with some of the best views available in one of the city´s most impressive architectural additions to the L.A. skyline.


If you think of an ordinary hotel arrival when the car pulls up into the massive glass and steel construction on the street level, you are mistaking. Once you and your suitcases made it past the omnipresent security staff into the high-tech elevator, prepare to be wowed.


The doors will open to the lobby on the 70th floor to reveal a seemingly never-ending panorama over greater Los Angeles and over the Hollywood hills. Check-in is conducted right at the floor-to-ceiling windows and you will actually have a hard time to follow the charming staff behind the counter as the vista is simply so distracting.


The rooms are located between the 40th and the 70th floor and are accessible via dedicated high-speed elevators from the lobby only. This means, you will have to pass over it every time you are heading to the street level, the hotel bars and restaurants or the pool and fitness level.


The design language is minimalistic and very contemporary with lots of individual furniture and lighting pieces set in scene.


On the lobby level, you will find plenty of seating spaces available set up in different configurations.


The lobby lounge is located at the opposite end of the check-in area and is a quiet spot during the day that transforms to an elegant meeting place in the evening.


The drink menu holds everything that you would expect from a world-class bar, but has its price.


Cocktails start at 17 US$, yet include extraordinary views over the skyline and the very attentive service by the lounge staff. Loved the signature Negroni from the bar menu!


If you are seeking the thrill to enjoy your sun downer drink on the highest elevated outdoor terrace that is currently on offer in the Western world, plan to come early. After 6 PM, I noticed that access even for hotel guests was very limited and queues formed in front of the elevator that would take you up. Not chic and therefore not interesting for me.


Every corner of the hotel is quite selfie-suitable. For all you lifestyle bloggers out there, plenty of snapshot possibilities.


One floor down from the lobby, you will have access to two of the hotel´s dining options.


Dekkadance is the Intercontinental´s farm-to-fork international market experience offering live cooking  as well as buffet style stations. It is popular for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Sora is the in-house Japanese restaurant.


It specializes on omakase and sushi. The latter is prepared freshly and presented on the sky-view conveyor belt running along the panoramic windows.


Smaller and more intimate seating is available to the side of the restaurant. The views: Impeccable!


Austere simplicity in the hallways to the rooms. The interior design of the hotel has obviously been inspired by Japanese elements.


Personally, I love the indirect lighting that has been installed throughout the premise. The lighting in each room is being controlled via a dedicated control at the entrance and at the bed, allowing different lighting scenes and moods.


The clean design is carried on in the guest rooms. No paraphernalia, no here and there. Extremely comfortable and luxurious bedding blessed me with two nights of beauty sleep! Literally.


How can a day in Los Angeles be not good if you wake up to a view like this?


The rooms feature different artistic themes carried out on extra-large canvas above the beds. Adjustable LED snake lights provide excellent lighting for either reading or simply illuminating the room to a certain amount.


A large desk and a dedicated table offer plenty of space to work on and sit at. The arm-chair turned around towards the window front was my favorite place to enjoy my morning coffee at. A giant TV will enchant those zappers amongst you.


There is plenty of storage space available. In addition to the large drawers, a generous closet is provided at the entrance. Each room is equipped with an electric mini bar and a coffee maker offering complimentary coffee and tea, being refilled on a daily base.


Me loosing myself in the view while getting ready for the day.


The bathrobes are so plush, you seriously feel like a celebrity when being wrapped up in it.


Lots of space to unwind in. Each bathroom features a walk-in glass shower, a marble embedded bathtub, a large sink and a separable toilet. Quite useful is the night-light function which is integrated into the illuminated mirror. Thanx to the semi-transparent glass window towards the bed room, you can even enjoy a bit of daylight.


Good morning, L.A. When a jet lag early rise turns out the best that could happen to you.


Are you still counting sheep to fall asleep? I know something much cooler: Counting cars on the highway!


From the Asian style elegance of the interiors to a SoBe interpretation of the pool deck.


Located on the 7th floor, the hip swimming pool area offers various relaxation spaces.



Lounge beats and a well-equipped bar create a true Miami Beach atmosphere right in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. In the evening, gas operated fireplaces form cozy retreats and a great and way less-crowded alternative to the rooftop bar.




The promising fitness center is currently (October 2017) still being developed, but guests can utilize the brand new Golds Gym at no extra charge on the ground floor of the adjacent FIGat7th Shopping Center just across the street. You will simply have to show your room key and sign in at the front desk for a state-of-the-art workout.

Altogether, the Intercontinental Downtown has definitely convinced me. It is truly a remarkable option to plan at least a two nights excursion to the city center district while vacationing in the L.A. surroundings. Not only, because it is a luxurious oasis in the hustle and bustle of the city with gorgeous designs, but also because downtown L.A. has so much more to offer than just two hands full of skyscrapers. But more about this in one of my future blog posts!



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