Munich | Cuvilliés Theatre – A Royal Stage

Located in one wing of the sumptuous Residenz palace in Munich downtown, the Cuvilliés Theatre is being considered the most significant Rococo theatre in Germany.


Built between 1751 and 1753, the concert hall replaced a preceding theatre which had burned down in March 1750 inside the royal palace.


Over 1,000 trees were cut down to furnish the extremely opulent interior and it was equipped with a mechanic machine which could lift or lower the flooring.


While it was predominantly used for operas and other performances for the noblesse and the court, it was opened to the general public in 1795.


In 1806, Napoleon visited the Cuvilliés Theatre to honor Bavaria´s rise to a kingdom.


In 1944, the original theatre was closed and the wooden interiors were outsourced in order to save them from the bomb raids during WWII which completely destroyed the Residenz and the theatre.


Together with the palace, it was rebuilt between 1956 and 1958 and was then placed in a different wing (Apothekenstock) of the building, which can be accessed through a separate entrance from Residenzstrasse.


It was once again profoundly renovated in 2008 to update the stage technology.


The layout of the interior is a symbol for the class society typical for the time. The luxuriant elector´s lodge is the artistic center point of the fittings.


The lodges to the left and the right were reserved for the upper nobility and were also richly decorated.


The upper levels seated the gentry and officials of the court.


The seats located in the center of the theatre were reserved for the aristocracy of the city of Munich.


It is a must see location when touring the sights of Munich and can either be combined with a visit to the Residenz and the adjacent treasury or by itself.


As it is much smaller than it appears on the photos, you will not need too much time in there.


As it is a highly popular place for tourists, try to come early or on weekdays if you want to get some pictures without tons of people on it. The entrance for the Cuvilliés Theatre only is 3,50€.



Cuvilliés Theatre
Residenzstraße 1, 80539 München
T: 089 21851940

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