Los Angeles | Catalina Coffee & Cafe

Its alternative yet homely living room atmosphere just a block off the Redondo Beach Pier will be a big missed favorite breakfast spot of mine after our hotel relocation to downtown Los Angeles in just a week.


If we were in Europe, I would call this a typical alternative student cafe from the times when I went to high school. The type of chairs and softly padded armchairs you would normally find at your grandma´s place group around different kinds of tables with various heights. Old fashioned table lamps create a dimmed and cozy ambiance and there is also a small outside terrace facing Catalina Avenue.


The cafe roasts its own coffee beans and the kitchen could be best described as a mixture of coastal kitchen with strong American influences. Mainly focussing on breakfast, Catalina Coffee & Cafe offers a wide range of croissant and bagel sandwiches, burritos and egg dishes.


I love their triple shot latte which is almost a meal for itself. When I come here, I am normally craving a decent and hearty meal to start the day with. Try the Dirty Swede Bagel or the Breakfast Burrito with Turkey. You will stay well-fed afternoon, trust me.


I have spent many mornings here before I headed out onto my discovery tours (the cafe has a designated parking lot which is free for customers), and even though it is already clear that I will have to look out for a new fave breakfast spot in the downtown environment in the near future, I might drive down here once in a while. Even if only for the reminiscence.


Catalina Coffee & Cafe
126 N Catalina Ave, Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(310) 318-2499

BTW, if you have any cool and delicious BF suggestions for Los Angeles city center. Hit me up! I would be more than pleased to hear them. Thank you!



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