Munich | Lake Lullaby on Lake Starnberg

Munich is a great year round destination to visit, but particularly on the hot summer days, downtown can become a little too hot and too overcrowded. So what comes more convenient than escaping the hustle and bustle  of the city to take a romantic panoramic cruise on Lake Starnberg. Just 20 minutes by express train from downtown.


Some things are so close in reach, that even being a local does not naturally make you go and experience them once you find a moment to spare. But when you sail the clear waters of Lake Starnberg with the sun shining in the picture perfect Bavarian sky and the sea gulls accompanying your boat, you will ask yourself why you haven´t done this so much earlier.


Lake Starnberg is the nearest of the five lakes that lie in close proximity to Munich. It is also one of the most well-known ones as this is the place where the famous Bavarian fairytale king Ludwig II died in 1886. Not all of the lakeshore is publicly accessible as lots of luxury private properties border right to the water, yet the public “beaches” on offer form a highly popular recreational area for residents in and around Munich.


A great way to discover the lake and the surroundings is by boat. The Bayrische Seen-Schiffahrt GmbH operates small and large round trips from Starnberg or Tutzing between April and October every year. Both towns are perfectly connected to Munich downtown and can be reached in around 35 minutes from Marienplatz by S-Train (Starnberg) or in 20 minutes by regional express from Munich central station (Tutzing).


The modern ships are equipped with bars and galleys, so you can easily purchase drinks and food onboard, but you are also welcome to bring our own picnic which is a neat thing to do while passing the beautiful scenery. Tickets can be obtained either onboard or at the ticket counter in Starnberg.


We did the large round trip which lasted around 3 1/2 hours. And even though we could have disembarked two times altogether during the journey, we decided to stay onboard and simply enjoy this beautiful day on the water.


It actually felt like a mini vacation right in the heart of Bavaria and is a recommendable sightseeing tour for everyone who visits Munich during summer. If you wanted to, you could also bring your bathing suit for a refreshing swim inside the lake after the boat trip.


The lovely little green space down at the church in Tutzing is a beautiful spot to take a sunbath or a dip in the lake. Just the perfect afternoon to return to Munich later during the day and end it with a decent Bavarian beer and a Brotzeit in a beer garden.


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